Beloved M-35K 350cc compressor racer

The beautiful and rare M-35K was carefully preserved by the Austrian Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum, in it’s life it took two awards at once: first it was awarded the highest award – the BMW Trophy (Trofeo BMW Group), and then named the Best of Show by the jury (Best of Show del Concourse d’Elegence) The M-35K was used in racing, its engine ran on 70% of a mixture of B-100 gasoline with ethanol and acetone and accelerated to 176 km / h with a dry weight of 200 kg.

After the far-reaching challenges of 2020, which was marked by the Covid-19 global pandemic, all hoped that the new year of 2021 would bring a fresh start or a return to life to the museum as usual.

Unfortunately, this wish did not last long: on the night of Sunday, 17th January 2021, to Monday, 18th January 2021, a fierce fire broke out in the main section of the Motorcycle Museum, destroying the entire upper floor with all the exhibits displayed therein. As fire services were deployed the on-site caretaker did his utmost to control the fierce fire but it was unstoppable.

A complete collection of motorbike history, which had been tracked down and acquired all over the world for over two decades with passion and finally presented in the museum in the best possible condition, melted into ashes and wreckage before crying eyes.

Along with collectors’ items, unfortunately many exhibits that donors – museums and private individuals alike – had willingly made available to the museum were also lost. A sad, irretrievable loss!

And the loss included the beloved M-35K. Even Mother Nature cannot hide her tears.

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