Boris Dmitrievich Yudin

Boris Dmitrievich Yudin

Master of sports of the USSR international class. 12-time USSR champion in motorcycle ring-road racing in classes 125, 175 and 350 cm3 between 1964-1976. A prize winner many times. Most of the time on the Serpukhovsky “East”. Country champion in hippodrome and winner of the youth championship (1956) in motocross. (Moscow)

source: Andrey Spitzyn USSR Sportsbikes

Identical focus and the facial expression of determination as Mike Hailwood.
I can only wish that the former USSR ‘Authorities’ had allowed riders such as Boris Dmitrievich Yudin to have competed in European International and Wotld Championship races on Serpuchov ‘S’, and Vostok racing motorcycles.
I am totally convinced that both riders and machines were perfectly capable of taking ‘podium places’ in many events. – Andy Farrer

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