It is nice to see that you got the site back to usual incredible status.I would be very pleased if you put our club on the club-links. We are a very active club in Denmark, with around 125 members a maybe 100 bikes of all kinds. We call ourselves Dnepr Ural Motorcycle club, in short DUM, which incidentally means ‘stupid’ in Danish language. We are even so lucky that we have dedicates workshop in Denmark, stocking
nearly all spares an very capable of rebuilding maintaining our ageing bikes. Due to exeme taxation on vehicles, we have only 2 newer bikes here, the rest are veterans.
There are also active clubs in Sweden and Norway.
Kind regards

Note: I put this e-mail from Peter here instead of my postbox 🙂

2 thoughts on “Denmark

  1. JD

    Greetings Denmark. Thank you for your kind words. Cat has listed your club on our links pages. When I went to your website I was straight up given the option to translate the site to English (Google Chrome Androi10), where I spent the next hours enjoying myself. Cheers Proost and however you say it in Danish.

    Note by Catweazle, that’s SKOL


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