Fyodor Asaturovich Seropov

The ashes of Fyodor Asaturovich Seropov (08/02/1952 – 05/03/2022) were reburied in the Ukrainian town of Irpen.

Irpin (Ukrainian: Ірпі́нь) is a Hero City of Ukraine located on the Irpin River in Kyiv Oblast (province) right next to the city of Kyiv in northern Ukraine.

Seropov was born in Leningrad, he relocated and lived and worked in Irpin, he died in the territorial defense.

He was a Master of Sports of the USSR of international class.
Multiple champion and prize-winner of the USSR in highway-circular motorcycle racing on motorcycles with sidecars. Winner of the Championship of the USSR Armed Forces and stages of the Friendship Cup of the socialist countries.
He acted as a sidecar passenger with his older brother Alexander and as a pilot in a crew with Sergei Antonyuk.
He also successfully competed in motocross.
He was an accomplished Engineer – designer of sports ringracing and motocross motorcycles.

He was much more than a motorcycle hero. Rest in Peace Fyodor Asaturovich Seropov.

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