“Strizh” experimental Dnepr roadracer

The photo shows experimental special sports motorcycle with a sidecar for SHKG (road racing) of the 750 cm³ class and a 5-speed gearbox, the gears of the secondary shaft of which were on roller bearings.

With the interchangeability of spare parts, there was a mess in the entire Soviet automotive industry, even the bolts on similar units were all of different diameters / threads

sources: Sergei Pashatsky, Mati Hiis, Oleg Poduzov, USSR Sportsbikes, oppozit.ru

1 thought on ““Strizh” experimental Dnepr roadracer

  1. JD

    Anyone got any more info about these KMZ roadracers? They look quite competitive! Always looking for more information, serial variants, works and kitchen designers.


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