The Trevor Colledge Award

Trevor Colledge was a great, great man. He was an active contributor to this site for many years, right up until his untimely death. His sense of humour was infectious!
Anyone who knew Trevor was forever-touched.
He reached out across the globe to all of us, and he will never be forgotten.

I was delighted to see this post by David Cox from the COC:

Hi everyone, Dent is coming up this weekend 6th until 8th May.
An additional prize is hopefully given, a plaque made from reycyled aluminium Soviet bike parts: This is one of the two awards to be given at the Dent Spring Rally. The first is for the furthest travelled outfit and the other is the ‘Trevor Colledge Award’ will be for the person who has most contributed to this Dent Rally.

The original idea came from Vince Briers who spent many years himself organising the Dent Rallies.
C.O.C. Dent

4th and 5th from right Trevor and son (Highest Pub)

I know our dear Catweazle travelled to Dent, as did Andrus from Estonia, all due to the connections with Trevor.

Rest in Peace, Great Man.

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