V. I. Karneev – the father of Soviet Speedway

Vladimir Ivanovich Karneev was born in Saransk, later 6-time champion of the USSR in motocross and road racing, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR and Honored Coach of the USSR, participant in the Great Patriotic War, and, finally, the Father of the Soviet speedway.

After the war, after reading an article about speedway in in a British newspaper, he was set on fire with the idea of ​​​​organizing the same competitions in the USSR.

In the mid-1950s, having been brought by fate from Moscow to Leningrad, he was the guiding force to build the first Soviet specialized motor track there. When Karneev was returned to Moscow in 1958, he fulfilled his dream, organising the first competitions in the USSR in racing on a cinder track, on special motorcycles and according to international rules, were held on his initiative and with his direct impact on all mechanisms, on the main arena of the most important stadium in the USSR,

The title of the Father of the Soviet speedway was assigned to V. Karneev quite deservedly.
The starting point was June 10, 1958.

Then in the USSR they counted about 60 cities in which speedway was held. The chain reaction also spread to ice racing, which were already known in the USSR in the late 1930s, but began to develop intensively only after the acquisition of a modern, speedway format.

Vladimir Karneev “gave birth” to the speedway when he was already 45 years old, and then he served his brainchild for almost the same amount.

He was also a great sports commentator, and this great man was wise, calm and simple, he never built barriers between himself and ordinary fans, he always found words of support for athletes who turned to him for advice in the most intense moments of the race.

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