Adjustment of valves

The “clearance or gap” should be adjusted on the “cold” engine.

Tip for SV engines: use some old 14 mm spanners where you cut off a bit from the “head” to have more working space 🙂
I don’t know about the space on OHV engines !
Removing of sparkplugs, not really needed but engine turns much easier !

Method from manual. Turn engine till inlet valve closes, now you can set clearance for exhaust valve 0.15
Then continue to turn the engine crankshaft, until the exhaust valve starts to lift and set clearance for inlet valve 0.10

Method BMW. Turn engine till one of the sides the valves are “tumbling” at TDC. Now you can check/set the clearance on the opposite side, both valves ! Turn engine further till TDC again and valves on other side are “tumbling ” check/set the valve clearance on opposite side. Clearance: inlet valve 0.10 and outlet valve 0.15

If you don’t have a kickstart, set the motor in 4th gear and turn with the wheel.

M72, K750
Set exhaust valve clearance to 0.15mm.
Set inlet valve clearance to 0.10mm.

Remark, seems to be hard to get an 0.07mm feeler gauge ! Use a 0.05mm and give it a little bit slack 🙂

DNEPR K-650/MT-9
Set exhaust valve clearance to 0.07mm.

Valve Adjustment MT-10/MT-11
Set the piston to the top dead centre of compression stroke by turning the crankshaft so that mark “B” on the flywheel is in line with the mark on the engine crankcase.
In this position, both (inlet and exhaust) valves will be fully closed and their rocker arms must freely swing on their pins.
Then, using a 0.07mm thick flat feeler guage, check the clearance between both rockers and valves.

URAL M-62, M-63, M-66, M-67
Turn the crankshaft using the kick lever. Just when the intake valve begins to close, set the clearance for the exhaust valve and at the time the exhaust valve begins to open, set the clearance for the intake valve. Clearance 0.05 mm

750cc URAL 2002
The gap between valve stem and pushing arm of the rocker should be between 0.1…0.15 mm.