A page about the clutch, clutch plates and measurements.

Tech. drawing, note: the thickness of the flywheel is right but the lines are drawn wrong !

At first the M72 had a single friction plate, but that was changed into double friction plate’s. Probably the friction wasn’t enough for the weight, driving under heavy circumstances in harsh environment. It seems to been used for a very short time! On the drawing there already 2 friction plates.

Pressure plate 3.8 mm and modern “double size” friction plate 14 mm
Some friction plates, from left to right, odd size 9mm, M72 7mm, Ural 5mm Dnepr 5mm

Pressure plates and end plates seems to be the same for all Ural and Dnepr engines.

Package for M72, pressure plate 3,8 mm, 2x friction plate 7mm, intermediate plate 3mm, compressed springs stick out 1,5 from flywheel, so the package without the end plate would be 22.3 mm, height pins in flywheel 24 mm, should be 25.5 so this will be to tight, might not be able to declutch !
Package for M72 with single friction plate. Pressure plate 3,8 mm, friction plate 14 mm, compressed springs stick out 3.5 so the package without the end plate would be 21.3 mm, height pins in flywheel 24.5 mm (should be 25.4)
Flywheels, left, height pins 24mm, depth for springs 16mm. Right, height pins 24.5 mm, depth for springs 15 mm.

Pins are pushed in a bit more, according to tech. drawing they should be, 64.5 minus 20 minus 19 = 25.5