This page is about carbs, types, settings and data. We will try to give you a hand on setting up and finetune the carbs on your bike. In a simplefied way ! To see an extensive article about carbs see Ernie Franke PDF’s on the internet.


First of all a list of most used carbs.

  • K37 original Russian
  • Deni PZ 24mm, 26mm and 28mm
  • K301 – K302
  • K65
  • K68

From this list are DENI PZ28 or Chinese PZ28, Russian K301/302 and K68 the most used.


Mixture screw, turn in is richer and turn out is leaner !

PZ 28 basic setup
Mixture screw 1/2 turn ccw out, first turn in cw gently till it’s closed, don’t overtight !
Jet 110, Chinese is usually smaller, replace !
Needle on 2e lowest hole on slide


K301/302 basic setup
Mixture screw 1 1/2 out
Needle 70mm under slide
Main Jet : are numbered by volume that goes through and not by diam. hole.

150 is approx 0.83 mm diameter
185 is approx 1.04 mm diameter
200 is approx 1.11 mm diameter
210 is approx 1.14 mm diameter


Take care…. they look the same but there’s a left and a right carb !

See this pdf

K68 basic setup
Mixture screw 1 1/2 out
Main Jet

page in progress 🙂