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Céad Mile Fáilte

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Your free international independent non-profit online collective for Soviet, Russian, Ukrainian, Eastern Bloc motorcycles and sidecars, the IZh, M-72, Ural, Dnepr, Voskhod, Minsk and many others.


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Hello, greetings to all visitors, get lost in this maze of goodies, enjoy. Get or share your info, stories, tips, and photos here! We aim to be complete and in order to do so we need your help. So come in and participate, chat with fellow riders and share your knowledge.

No need for membership, some parts are protected and only for real owners of Russian, Ukrainian or other Eastern motorcycle, ask for it.

Also: we have probably all the manuals for the bikes in PDF but it’s not possible to put them on the site for download, too much traffic ! In need, you could ask for it !

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