Russian Motorcycle & Sidecar Owners Australia Inc.

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This is the official page for the RMOA.
Members are more than welcome to say there saying and keep in contact with each other and the club !

Committee members

    • President Grahame Meyer
    • Vice-Presidents Mark Guest, Ron Morris , JD
    • Secretary/Treasurer Norman Trewella
    • Editor Vicki Trewella
    • Spare parts manager Ed Parris
    • Regalia officer Adam Zappulla

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19 thoughts on “RMOA

  1. JD

    2016-2017 I am the 3rd Vice-President, needs a full update here. Vicki has stood down as Sec,/Treas. Chris Davy is no longer editor. Many changes! Facebook site has the full details. Cheer mate! 🙂

    1. lauarence dickson

      Hey J.D. IT’s Laury D. How the Ferk are thing’s in your life?… I’m out at Grawin. Sow east of Lightning Ridge and I I still have my XS650 under cover. Get back, good olde friend. … dickson laury @ gmail. com

      1. JD

        Giday Laury D. Good to hear from you! I will never forget the wheelstand you did in that Kombi, it should’ve been on YouTube!!! I send you an email mate! JD

  2. John

    Will try to get in contact with Vicky to be informed about the changes and other things so I can put them here on the site !

    feedback people ?!!


    1. JD

      RMOA Prez for 2019 is KGB Graham 007. God help us. 🙂
      Actually he is the right man for the right job!
      I wonder if he will read this?! 🙂

  3. JD

    When did the club change its name?
    Russian Motorcycle & Sidecar Owners Australia Inc. ?
    thought it was always Russian Motorcycle & Sidecar Owners ASSOCIATION Australia. since 1979, (now) Incorporated
    Where is every body else?

    Does anyone else read this? Hello?

  4. Peter J Ballard

    Hi, Peter here from COC in England. Love your stuff, does this help?
    https://b-cozz.com/the-factories/ states:- The TMZ-53 had an (almost?) identical frame to that of the BMW R-75 and had other similarities, perhaps from captured or copied examples.

    http://www.wehrmachtsgespann.de/bmwenglisch/bmwe1.htm states; First reparation delivery of 8 BMW R75 to Russia. Last BMW R75 is produced out of the remaining parts and delivered to Russia.

    Did you know that? Keep up the good work! Regards Peter. (Snow drifts in my garage today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Please confirm receipt, thanks.

  5. JD

    Hi PJB, message received. Great to hear from you here.
    that’s very good information on the R75!

    First reparation delivery of 8 BMW R75 to Russia Frame 770 000 January 1946
    Last BMW R75 is produced out of the remaining parts and delivered to Russia. June 1946
    In total another 98 R75’s were produced in 1946. Frame 770 097
    Production of 10 Sets spare parts for overhauling of each of 150 BMW R75. Sep. 1946

    l”ll ask Mr Cat to add it to this page: https://b-cozz.com/awo-emw-bmw and give you credit 🙂
    Also to put http://www.wehrmachtsgespann.de/bmwenglisch/bmwe1.htm on the links page here.

    Best wishes, and a toast to Juris Ramba! Hope you get some sunshine soon 🙂 Long live the COC.

  6. JD

    and this:


    Delivery of the BMW R75 Frame 767 635 31.03.44
    Air raid on the factory. Time: 12.00 o’clock 10 hits of which 2 direct hits 20.07.44
    Air raid on the factory. Time: 12.00 o’clock 65 hit of which 11 direct hits 11.09.44
    Air raid on the factory. Time: 13.00 o’clock 5 hit of which 0 direct hits 13.09.44
    News form of the factory in Eisenach that production has ceased 18.10.44

    Air raid on the factory. Time: 12.30 o’clock 8 hits of which 0 direct hits 09.02.45
    American troops occupy the factory. 60% of it is destroyed. 06.04.45
    Russian troops occupy the factory (Russian Zone) 03.07.45
    The BMW factory in Eisenach is confiscated from the County of Thüringen . 07.09.45
    Command no. 93 from Marshal Schukow orders the start up of production 13.10.45

    Interesting timeline!

  7. Patrick Byrnes

    Hi, came across your site by accident. Great to see Bob Richman’s Cossack (got a ride in it once, many years ago) and nice to see the memorial refence to Ian “Fegs” Watts who I worked with briefly in the late ’70s.

  8. JD

    Hi Patrick
    Amazing! I have one of Bob’s Cossacks, not the “Crime of the Century” sidecar, but the solo one that came next to it, . I all I can say about “Fegs”: – what a magic man. It was very sad news to hear about the accident. I had been to a rally where he also turned up not long before. We had a great time. Too short.
    I hope you’d like to stay in touch with us here. Cheers!

  9. Garry Jensrn

    Hi. I have just acquired a K650 Dnepr. I have stripped it down and in the process of a complete rebuild. My problem is that when I pulled the diff apart 90 pin bearings along with some other roller type bearings fell out. I’m not a mechanic but understand the basics. Can any of your members advise me how to get these components back together. I almost had it back this evening but I seemed to have one roller bearing that wouldn’t fit back in. Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    1. JD

      Hi Garry,
      use a magnet to find/capture them, and then use a thick grease to put them back in and hold them in place. Good luck with your K-650, it’s a worthwhile cause.

      1. JD

        To Garry Jensrn,
        I hope you have had some luck on your project, especially getting the final drive (diff) back together. Have you?

  10. JD

    One year on, just to say all the rallies for 2020 were cancelled due to COVID-19. Now in 2021, have to wait and see. To get the latest all the action is on the RMOA Facebook page.


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