The Yoshimura Cossack

My faithful little Yammie RD250 was flat out as I plunged into the gorge, my favourite piece of road. Taking one of the dozen or more very tight hairpin bends, the Yammie was screaming, 2nd gear at 8 and a half, then hard into third gear for the next short straight before fiercely braking for the next hairpin.

I was really enjoying the ride and couldn’t help think what a great boy racer I could be. My little Yammie was invincible! Nothing could beat me at this I thought.

But it came from nowhere, the roar and sparks of a big twin, hard over, he passed me and was away!

Whoever heard of a Yoshimura Cossack?

And folks, this is a true story! Beefed up suspension and Avon Roadrunners with a slightly lower sticky tyre pressure as well as many years getting to know the peculiar handling of a long wheelbase solo MT-9.

Originally published around 1979 in Two Wheels magazine along with the drawing.

Somewhere I have it but this account is from memory.
All those years ago I traced the drawing and added some colour. (have to fill in the night shift somehow)
Ride Safe.