Alternator G424

Alternator with built-in rectifier. (diode block) 12V 14A 150-Watts.
Used for:
Ural M-67, M-67.36, 8.103 Series
Dnepr MB-650, MB-650M, MT-10, MT-10.36, MT-11, MT-16

2 versions of built in rectifier are used: one with “open” diode block and one with “closed” diode block. See picture.

In order to use the alternator with old type main/ignition switch, Bosch regulator and with a working load lamp,
I changed the alternator ~ connection !
(which isn’t used in most cases, only with the old mechanical regulator.)
Jan did the calculating and made the scheme !

blue insulation over diodes connected to red wires towards ~ connection.

Right, the open diode block with extra diodes to convert the ~ connection into a D+ connection in order to use a Bosch regulater and still have a working load lamp on a system with an old type ignition switch.
Left, the “closed” diode block with loose ~ wire. Looks different but you can do the same, the 3 bolts are the 3 phase stator connections.

scheme and calculation done by Jan