Production timeline of Урал and Днепр

In January 1941 the first Preliminary batch of Moscow MMZ side valve M-72 was completed, 1753 motorcycles were produced by MMZ prior to evacuation from Moscow. Motorcycle production went on at MMZ until October 1941, when a resolution of the State Committee of Defence stated the plant was to be evacuated to Gorky (GMZ) and other locations.

MMZ-Moscow (Москва) Moscow Motorcycle Plant (Московский Мотоциклетный Завод)

IMZ-Ural(Урал)Ирбитский мотоциклетный завод
M-721941746ccMMZ Moscow /GMZ in Gorky first batch, 1753, build here
M-72K1952-1958746ccCross,small batch production
M-72M1956-1960746cc(1955-1960 according to IMZ)
M-521957-1960494ccSolos and sidecars go to batch mass production **first Irbit model with overhead valves (OHV)
M-52C1957-1964494ccIMZ road racing, limited batch production
M-52K1957-1958494ccIMZ cross, limited batch production
M-611958-1963649cc(according to IMZ)
M-61K1958-1961649ccIMZ cross, limited batch production
M-61M1963649ccUpdated version of M-61 (no data sheet)
M-621961-1965649cc “URAL” (“URAL-1”)
M-62T1961-1965649ccCargo sidecar
M-62K1961-1968649ccIMZ cross limited batch production
M-1001963-19691040ccPolice interceptor, special batches solo and sidecars
C-51 DOHC1963-1966500ccIMZ road racing solo, limited batch production
M-53C1963-1968500ccIMZ road racing, limited batch production
M-631963-1980649cc“URAL-2” (1965-1970 according to IMZ) **rear swingarm
M-63T1965-1970649ccCargo sidecar
M-63K1964-1970649ccIMZ cross, limited batch production
M-63C1968-1970649ccIMZ road racing sidecar, limited batch production
M-63P1969-1970649ccPolice sidecar – next gen. afterpolice M-100
M-64K1968-1970649ccIMZ cross, limited batch production
M-661968-1977649cc“URAL-3” first mass series began in 1970 (according to IMZ)
KMZ-Dnepr (Днепр)Київський мотоциклетний завод
M-721949-1956746ccFirst 500 engines supplied by IMZ
M-72N (M-72H)1956-1959746cc
M-53   1953 496cc 5 prototypes reported but did this include M-53C? maybe there are 5 of each?
M-53C1953 496ccKMZ developed and assembled a small series of sports modification M-53C for road racing.
K-7501959-1964746cc(I have 1958-1962 (in 1958/59 the swingarm frame was introduced with K-750. – Steve W)
MT-2    1960s649ccOHV Prototype (press-formed frame)
MB-750 2WD1964-1973746cc(or until 1977?)
K-6501967-1971649ccFirst KMZ OHV mass produced
650MCM1968-1969649ccCross and multi-day race machine
MB-650 2WD1971-1973649cc
MT-91971-1974649ccOHV new gearbox MT804 – “the best COSSACK”
MB-750M 2WD1973-1977746cc
MB-650M 2WD1973-1984649cc
MB-650M1 (MV-660M1)649ccPhoto on battalions page
MT-121982-1985746ccSide valve MT-12 came also with 2WD !!!
MT-16 2WD1985-1995649cc

GMZ, Gorky Motorcycle Plant (ГМЗ – Горьковский Мотоциклетный Завод) was the major producer of sidecars for Lend Lease WLA Harley-Davidsons and Soviet M-72, until IMZ geared up to manufacture its own sidecars. GMZ commenced operations in 1941 with the transfer of plant and equipment from the Kharkov Motorcycle Plant (KhMZ) and the Leningrad Motorcycle Plant (LMZ), which was necessitated by the German armies threatening Kyiv and Leningrad. M-72 were assembled by GMZ from stockpiled parts and after the war, also developed several sports motorcycles, notably the M-80 746cc and M-35 350cc. Production at GMZ ceased in 1949 and all plant and equipment was transferred to KMZ (КМЗ) in Kyiv. About 100 employees moved to Kyiv as well.

(I owned a 1969 M-63 Ural so maybe 1978 is correct! Even Ural makes mistakes!) – JD

(1964 the short leading link fork was replaced and this bike became the K-750M.
Also in 1964, the military version, the MB-750 was introduced with the differential drive to the sidecar wheel )– Steve W)
(What about the M72 (which was build in both factories ?) with short leading link fork ? 1956-1959)
– Catweazle