CJ 750 type 331

Recently I bought a CJ gearbox with reverse.

There are several CJ gearboxes and after some searching, I found that it’s type 331 with reverse gear, two arm lever and switch for light or beeper.
The lever is placed just above the shiftlever to engage gears on the left side.

I love that, no more reaching down on the right side!

The gearbox is from the early nineties and brandnew, a mate from the UDCN had it on stock and never used it!
Poured 1L oil in it, to clean te inside, was not much dirt in it, most of it was very small gasket parts and some alu flakes.

Instal on the engine was a problem, had to remove some material from bottom gearbox and M72 engine housing.
After I did that, I could easily get the gearbox in place.

Filled it with 80W90, attached the speedo cable, which was sealed with Scotch tape !
Apparently not good enough, after 2 days in the rain and storm (could’t cover it), because when I got the drain bolt almost out, water was coming out of the casing ! Holy ****, was at least 100cc, and that in just 2 days !!! I had already a bad feeling about it, in the “Dneprglide” was a kind of coffee con leche when I removed the “Oil”.

So be aware !!! ( We all know that this probles exist but I never realize that it goes so quick!! A bit of tape isn’t enough, you have to use some kit or silicone to make it really watertight !

I decided to do it another way, ordered an GPS odometer and removed the cable and closed the hole. The old odometer wasn’t working properly, the other problem we all know about, needle going everywhere 🙂

After a few days rainin’ cats and dogs, I finaly could have a short testride. Shifting goes a bit hard, probably it need a bit runnin’ in. Shiftpedal is rather wide, I think I’l narrow it a bit, will give more sense of shifting with the feet in the right gear. The reverse is much easier to handle than the reverse on the Dneprglide.

Sadly, the manuals and drawings for the CJ are from poor quality. And although it’s almost simular build as K750 gearbox I don’t suspect much will fit !

If anybody know good info or a manual, let me know plz.

Left side, you see the reverse handle and a wire from a switch to attach to a warning light or a beeper 🙂
Right side, also a switch, for neutral indicator light. Like on the Dnepr but on another place
Front, clutch side, as you can see the shiftpedal is rather wide.