Gearbox 7204-6204

Gearbox 6204 used on K750

M72 gearbox 7204

M72, gearbox 7204, indirect shifting mechanism.

Picture of bearings needed for overhaul or repair.

Picture of seals needed for overhaul or repair.

Putting a 6204 together.

Here are some photo’s on how to assemble a 6204 gearbox. No knocking on bearings or covers, use a heat gun and a freezer !

The main components.

Almost empty casing, only the 204 bearing in place.

First the complete kickstart shaft.

Second the indirect/outgoing shaft.

As last the main/incoming shaft.

Selector and forks.

I use a custom made plate for adjusting the selector, now you can see what happens when you use the shifter.