Cyrillic Ш = DF+ = Field positive = +

Cyrillic Я = D+ = positive = + also ЯШ (on regulator)


Above the way to polarise or revive the generator when it hasn’t been used for a long time ! (lost remanent magnetism)

Remanence or remanent magnetization or residual magnetism is the magnetization left behind in a ferromagnetic material after an external magnetic field is removed.

Setting is for minus on earth !

Tap a few times with cable from negative, on field to polarise or give it some magnetism to work properly again.

Running like engine.

To see if the generator will turn/work, attach a cable from battery plus to generator Я and a cable from battery negative to ground and Ш. Generator will now turn like an engine, if it’s not defective !


Testing the generator with running engine, not wired ! Measure voltage between Я and ground, start engine and connect Ш with ground too. Voltage should now increase !


Above, checking the generator, not wired, with a gauge set on resistance, you should meassure 3-6 Ohm.