GEARBOXES 7204-6204
Select the neutral position (between 1st and 2nd gears) using the hand gear selector lever on the right-hand side of the gearbox. If a difficulty occurs try slightly rocking the motorcycle back and forth, until you can achieve the lever has found the neutral position.

GEARBOX MT804 WITH REVERSE GEAR “DNEPRGLIDE” – (also applies to MT804 solo gearbox with reverse gear omitted)

  1. Prior to starting the engine make sure the reverse lever is in the withdrawn position.
  2. Put the gearbox in the main neutral (between 1st and 2nd gears). If at the same time the ignition is turned on the green neutral indicator lamp should go on.
    Do not push down abruptly on the kickstarter until the toothed quadrant of the starting shaft meshes with the pinion of the intermediate shaft, then with a sudden jerk from the rider’s boot, start up the engine. (see “Starting Mechanism”).
    If the starting quadrant fails to mesh at the first try, (evidenced by rigid tension), gently roll the motorcycle forward or backwards with the clutch disengaged, and then push down again on the kickstarter. For safety’s sake, always depress the kickstarter lever with the toe.
  • Gearbox MT804 has another neutral position between 3rd and 4th gears, which can be used for high speed coasting.
  • DO NOT attempt to start the engine in this neutral position!


The starting mechanism comprises two pinion shafts: kickstarter shaft 33 (Fig.1) and intermediate shaft 5 (Fig. 1).
Two pinions with eight ratchet teeth on the ends turn freely around the intermediate shaft. The front end of the shaft is pressed into the casing. The toothed quadrant is pressed onto the splines of the starting shaft. The quadrant is pressed to rubber release buffer 5 (see Figure 3) with a torsional spring.

The kickstarter spring is wound up by giving bushing 1 (Figure 1) mounted in the (flywheel/clutch side) wall of the gearbox casing a half-turn counterclockwise. (As you wind up the spring you will see the kickstarter rise up to the top position). The bushing is packed with a rubber ring seal and the shaft with a double-rim carcass* (oil seal). The kickstarter lever is secured to the starting shaft by a wedge bolt. When the kickstarter is depressed the quadrant meshes with the small pinion of the intermediate shaft, which through the end ratchet is linked with the large pinion which is in constant mesh with the pinion of the second gear of the gearbox input shaft.

After starting up the engine the rider’s boot is immediately removed from the kickstarter pedal, which together with the quadrant is returned to its initial position by the return spring. The impact of the quadrant is cushioned by the steel lining of the rubber buffer.

During a cold season, rattling of the starting mechanism ratchet is possible if the gearbox has not warmed up. This being the case, do not operate the motorcycle at high speeds. The rattling decreases to nil as the gearbox is heated up to nominal operating temperature..

*Note: Carcass (or Carcase) besides being the body of a livestock animal ready for butchery, is also an engineering term for the structural system or frame of a structure, especially one not normally seen (hidden).

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