Gearbox “Dneprglide” MT804

Secondary shaftPrimary shaftratio
1th gear 10 teeth36 teeth1:3,6
2th gear 14 teeth32 teeth1:2,28
3th gear 17 teeth29 teeth1:1,7
4th gear 20 teeth26 teeth1:1,3
backwards 17 teeth33 teeth1:1,94
sets 4th gear “long” available 21 teeth25 teeth1:1,19
22 teeth24 teeth1:1,09
23 teeth23 teeth1:1
set 3th gear “long” advised in combination with “long” 4th18 teeth28 teeth1:1,55

Remark: There’s also a gearbox with more “ribs” on the front, 5 instead of 3 and an different indirect shaft with 9 teeth and cogwheel with 37 teeth on the main shaft —– first gear ratio 1:4,12 If anyone has more info about it plz. share with us here !!

According to Ural Hamburg, the indirect shaft with 10 teeth first gear is early and the indirect shaft with 9 teeth for the first gear is from a later period !

secondary shaft 10 teeth first gear, 1:3,6
Secondary shaft 9 teeth first gear, 1:4,12
Primary shaft already new wheels, secondary shaft has to be done.

Changing cogs with no fancy tools, just some heat, pulley puller and a bearing puller. I changed the cogs, old 3th 17-29 and old 4th 20-26 into 18-28 and 21-25.

3 different types of casing, for oil bath air filter MT9-10 and 2 types for air filter MT11-16

Not all with 4 speed with reverse and semi automatic clutch !

There were also solo MT804 gearboxes, which came with the reverse (backwards 🙂 gear completely omitted. No reverse gear and no hole drilled in the casing for the reverse hand lever. 

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