Gearbox “Dneprglide” MT804

(in)indirect shaft(out)main shaftratio
1th gear 9 teeth36 teeth1:4
2th gear 14 teeth32 teeth1:2.28
3th gear 17 teeth29 teeth1:1.7
4th gear 20 teeth26 teeth1:1.3
backwards 17 teeth33 teeth
sets 4th gear “long” available 21 teeth25 teeth1:1.19
22 teeth24 teeth1:1.09
23 teeth23 teeth1:1
set 3th gear “long” advised in combination with “long” 4th18 teeth28 teeth1:1.55


3 different types of casing, for oil bath air filter MT9-10 and 2 types for air filter MT11-16

Not all with 4 speed with reverse and semi automatic clutch !

There were also solo MT804 gearboxes, which came with the reverse (backwards 🙂 gear completely omitted. No reverse gear and no hole drilled in the casing for the reverse hand lever. 

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