This page contains info of technical data to maintain and service your precious steed.

TDC: Muerto superior, верхней мертвой точки, Pointe morte haut, Oberer totpunkt, Morto superiore are some translations for top dead-centre.

BDC: Punto muerto inferiorare, Point morte inférieur, Unterer Totpunkt, are some translations for bottom dead-centre.

Torque Conversions

Kilogram-force Meter to Newton Meter
Kilogram-force Meter short kgfm and Newton Meter short Nm
1 kgfm is equal to 9.80665 Nm

Foot-Pounds Force to Newton Meter and the other way around
1 ft.lbs = 1.35 Nm, 1 Nm = 0.738 ft.lbs

Torques values M72 – K750
partthreadspanner-sizeforce Nmforce ft lbs
Cylinder heads bolts16* M10x1.5square 11 or
hexagon 17
29-33 Nm21.4-24.4 ft. lbs
Flywheel/clutch screws6* M8x1x15 countersunk22-25 Nm16-18.5 ft. lbs
Flywheel nutM18x1hexagon 36245-274 Nm180-202 ft. lbs
Cylinder base nuts4* M10x1 
2* M8x1
hexagon 17
hexagon 13
38-42 Nm
22-25 Nm
28-30 ft. lbs
16-18.5 ft. lbs
Top pinch bolt, plungerM8x1-70hexagon 1321-30 NM16-22 ft. lbs
Bottom pinch bolt, plungerM8x1-70 special bolt 7209448hexagon 1336-50 Nm26.5-37 ft. lbs
Bearing nut30-34 Nm22-25 ft. lbs
Oil pump bolts2* M6x1-60hexagon 1016-18 Nm12-14 ft. lbs
Engine sump12*M6x1-18-25 depending on type sumphexagon 108-10 Nm6-7.5 ft. lbs
Distribution cover screws6*M6x1-40 4*M6x1-30countersunk screw
Final drive case nuts6*M8x1hexagon 1314-18 Nm10-13 ft. lbs
Crown wheel bolts8*M8x1.25hexagon 13
Pinion bearing nut
Cardan cap
M56x1.5 left
M58x1.5 left
hook wrench7-9 Nm5-7 ft. lbs
Prop shaft wedgeM8x1 crown nuthexagon 13
Reverse gear lever nutM8x1hexagon 1322-28 Nm16-21 ft. lbs
Steering head nutM36hexagon 3614-16 Nm10-12 ft. lbs
Sidecar wheel nut M20 x 1.5hexagon 24
Sidecar eye-boltsM12x1.25hexagon 19

From German site :
Drehmoment Zylinderkopfschrauben drei Durchgänge über kreuz von innen nach außen

Erster Durchgang 15 Nm
Zweiter Durchgang 25Nm
Dritter Durchgang 33Nm

Dnepr Torques

Tightening torques

Tightening torques for threaded connections in Newton meter.
Friction coefficient for steel: 0.14 (new, non-lubricated).
Friction coefficient for stainless steel: 0.12 (new, clean and undamaged).
If you use grease in any way or even Loctite, the friction will be less so the torque should be less too!!

This is a list to guide you if you don’t know the precise value. Use the manufacturer data if you have that, they know best !! Be aware that a steel bolt in aluminum needs less torque ! Often in a old casing the thread is damaged/gone by bolts that were too fastened!

Use of this guide is for own risk, we don’t take any responsibility for use of it !

Steel 4.6Steel 5.6Steel 6.9Steel 8.8Steel 10.9Steel 12.9Stainless 50Stainless 60Stainless 80


Thread-drill sizes
Thread-drill sizes

 list bearings.jpg
list of bearings

 list seals.jpg
list of seals