Leading link fork

To overhaul an short leading link fork aka “stubby”

K750 “Stubby”

Used for the M72’s ( made in Kiev and Irbit ’56 – ’58 ) and a bit later on for the K750 ( ’59 till the early sixties )
Found out that there some differences between them, of course !!
I have seen, steel bushings, bronze bushings and needle bearings.
2 types of steering dampers, the “Mickey Mouse” and the Dnepr knob.
2 types of fenders, rounded one, Dnepr and sharp-edged one, Ural style
3 types of brake plates, Ural, brake cable on the under side, Dnepr, brake cable on top.
The arms 5308200/5308210 are in most cases worn, leaking through the seal !
As a result or caused by worn out/damaged bushings/bearings.
Or worn by a combination of worn bushing/bearing and hardened seal that damaged the axle.T he axles from the arms can be removed by getting rid of the material where the axle is welded on the arm in a lathe, tried to drill holes in a circle to get the same result but that don’t work, and push the axles out !! Next thing is to get them both round again, this can be done in 2 ways. Weld material on (not an easy method) and make it round in the lathe or make them round and push sleeves on.
Original size is ø24 and ø19 but that size doesn’t matter much because you’ll need new brass bushings, so other sizes are possible.

Hard to get parts.

Original knobs, dampers/valves, inside bumper rubber, aluminum fork bridge, fender, brake plate, brake arm, wheel axle
steering column bar, lamp holders. Well in fact almost all the parts are hard to get and the simple ones have to be made by yourself !!

So if you want a “stubby” buy it in a complete condition and make sure you got also the fork bridge with column bar, brake plate with arm, Mickey and lamp holders !!

The column bar for the “stubby” is higher than the M72 column bar.

Source of documentation, “Mit hammer und schlüssel” and the internet.

Wouldn’t have succeeded without help from my friends,
” lathe magicien” Cok and “Stainless” Ruud !!!
A big thanks guys !!


If anyone has more information or if anything isn’t accurate plz let me know and I’ll add or change it !
Also, if you want more or other information which isn’t here in this document, contact me.

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