Final drive

I’d bought this final drive in parts and made photo’s to show you how I manage to put it all together. It might help you to refurbish an old and worn final drive. Or just that you guys have a notion how it all fits together and help you to decide to repair an old one, now that you have seen how easy it is 🙂


Housing, thread M14x1.5 was worn, had to cut new thread one size bigger, M16x1.5 and buy a new oil plug with the same size.

cut new thread

Crownwheel and pinion, 9 x 41 – 1:4.55 odd size!

Available gearing, 7 x 38 – 1:5.43

8 x 37 – 1:4.62 standard sidecar gearing

10 x 34 – 1:3.4

10 x 35 – 1:3.5

10 x 36 – 1:3.6

9 x 35 – 1:3.88 standard solo gearing

9 x 38 – 1:4.22

Oldtimergarage and Ural-zentrale for odd drives. China made ??

8 new bolts M8 x1 x15, washers and a bit of Loctite on each bolt.
(original, there should be double washers used in order to fixate the bolts)


With the use of the axle you’re able to tap ( gently ) the crownwheel in or out (on/ off the bearing ).


A bit of sticky grease will keep the needles in place while installing the crown wheel/rear drive cover into the housing.
Use a plastic cover to protect the seal from being damaged by the splines !!
A part of a Pet bottle will do the job !
Beware of the oil hole while placing the oil seal !


  • Pignon bearing:
    • 1x 72052-1 Russian,  2.5×13.7 x 30 needles.
    • 1x 72052-2 Russian,  European, SKF 3304B  20x52x22.25 double row, ball bearing.
  • Crown wheel bearing:
    • 1x 207 Russian,  European,SKF 6207  35x72x17 single row, ball bearing.

If you buy covered bearings remove the cover before use!

Ready for take off.
Cut shaft, measuring the length.


clamped in a U frame
ready for welding

   When you use a MT804 gearbox on a M72 frame you need to shorten the drive axle !

welded final drive axle
Shortened and welded final drive axle

Chinese shaft,pressed apart, also have to be shortened to use it on a M72 with Dnepr MT801 gearbox.

Turned out later that my welding skills are not very good, the welded shaft was broken ! I didn’t take enough material off (in the middle) so the shaft had a weak spot ! A mate did the welding with special welding rod and warming up and slow cooling down !