Nice things, people said !

These are credits, nice things people wrote on the former site and new credits posted on this site.
“Oldies” been saved from bcozz-multiply along with other contents, which we’re hoping to publish in the future !
I once said “is this the road to nowhere” meaning you got lost in the maze of info and goodies !
We will try to bring back as much as possible, and more, on a bit more structured website 😉

On the way back having some problems, inexperienced, hackers, lack of time and more, which caused a wobbly return of the site.
But I think we’re on the right track now, cross my fingers !!
Counting on your return and on adding stories and info about everything what has to do about our bikes!

greetings, your Admin, (against his will) 😉

“Thanks to bCozz for a most salubrious website and sure to become legendary among the Cossack riding fraternity.
Keep your knees in the breeze (unless you got the legshields)” …Griz

“No matter where you go, there you are!” …sexpistol77

“This site is a rippa, well done to those concerned.” …Dale

“Photos, history and time line GOOD SITE – interesting Soviet motorcycle booklet photo reproductions, all referred to as Cossacks, but mostly not.
I am president and technical adviser to the Cossack Owners Club, I love your site” …PJ Ballard President Cossack Owners Club

“Grandfather Lenin would have been proud to see the efforts of bCozz and its loyal following , I’ve heard he was rather a fan of the sidecar himself.
His favourite pastime was to get the 3 wheeler out on the frozen lake in winter, and let rip. I seem to remember it’s a shit load of fun myself !!!!! CHEERS ALL” …Butch

“Ahhhh! Cozzacks in the night! What sweet music they make!” …Mr Philthy Cozzack

“You can get lost in this place! Where’s the door? What the hell is that hiding behind the next corner? JD! LEEEETTT MEEEE OOOUUUTTT OFF HEEEEEERE!” …Mark

“This is a very cool site. happy trails.” …chris

“Cossack good!” …Redtank

“Boy is this a REFRESHING spot on the internet.” …Bush

“Great site, though a bit overwhelming. Ride on! long live the TRACTORS!” ..Jim

“Great to see b-Cozz just getting bigger and bigger. This gives Cozzack riders worldwide to separate forums that can both of advice and help with COZZACKS” …Country

“Just want to say thanks to everyone for all the available info and speedy responses. You’ll be glad to know that there is another MT-9 on the streets” …Simon

“Everybody knows that motorcyclists have got more class than people.
Send more!” …Cogs Federal Publishing Co.

“Hello I am from Austria, I am the Austrian Ihz-Driver on the Snow in the Wintertime, we are a great family from the russian Bikes”
“Hallo Freunde der russischen Zeitakter” “Hello friends of the Russian two-stroke” …best regard’s REINI

“This is a rootin’ tootin’ shit kicking site!” …Bahnstormer 3

“Is this the road to nowhere ??” …®Catweazle

(note JD)(yes John! and now you’ve been to the UK once and to Oz three times!!!! 🙂

“FOR THE FIRST TIME Russian travellers visited these inaccessible depths,
for the first time heavy motorcycle by the forces of the command of brothers Sinel’nikov and their friends,
Vladimir Saygakova, Timur Ibatullina and Andrey Sarmina,
burst open through the continuous sands, the infinite dunes, the reign of snakes and insects,
in which yet not there were never researchers from Russia – either in the tsarist time, or in the epoch of the U.S.S.R., or in new Russia.”

“Thanks you huge, we are very glad, that you have met on our vital way! From all our command to you huge greetings!!!!!” …. Sergey Sinel’nikov and the Globe Team on the Urals, June 2004

Dear Don, Christinas, Andy and all your friends! I congratulate on a holiday Christmas! I congratulate on coming New Year! I wish health, success! Happiness to you. I embrace ….Vladimir, Uralsk.

“Ah the shed!! Mans final frontier!” …Flinstone Kev

“I would just like to say that this is one of the best groups I have joined so far. A much friendlier and more helpful attitude all round.” …Chris

“this site has THE BEST photo library I have ever seen!! You guys have done a terrific job!!” …vann882

“Still have the best site and photo collection on the net!! Keep up the good work!” …David

“I have to say this site is by far the best on Ruskie steel out there.Until then I’m off to wander the halls of bCozz. Like a child let loose in a toy store!!!
YaHooooo…” …MT-16

I am an expert in mechanics and Ural sidecars.
I know that because a skinned lemming in a string vest who lives at the
North Pole told me one night in a blizzard.” …Bahnstormer3

“you have done an awsome job with this site! well done & thank you” …Andy

“Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes” …MOTO MOSCOW RUSSIA

“this site is friggin’ phenominal! I have been lurking here for a couple weeks now and STILL haven’t seen everything. This is an absolute mother lode of info for bikes like my Dnepr” …Mike

“Keep up the great work on this site. I don’t know where I would be without the information and services that you provide. Live long and prosper.” …Blakers

“In 38 years of non stop biking I’ve never come across a better bunch of people as I’ve found on b-cozz.” …Trevor (jeez trev! better call B3!!!!!)

“The b-Cozz site seems to be the technical resource place for Ruskie iron” …Gary

“It never ceases to amaze me how much knowledge there is on this board. You guys are a great compass in a large forest! Tack sá mycket! (thanks)” …Dub-near-pner

“Again, big thanks to all for your advice and a huge thanks to this site” …Goldthorpe67 [NZ]

“Neither hills nor seas nor man-made barriers can overcome the kamaraderie amongst motorcyclists!”

“the motorcycles ALWAYS go first!!!” …Juris Ramba AAK Latvia

“Away upon the hill the men are making hay…..
Down below the hill riding fast away are the Cossacks bold…….
Would you choose a bike.
Rather than a wife?
Cossack strange and bold?
Let the others marry,
We’ve no time to tarry,
But my bike will be a comfort,
And a friend upon the road!”
…Butch das Milkmann

“I’m finding your group more and more interesting each time I visit. Thanks” …Mart.

from a long time Dnepr owner & secret admirer: “Great stuff, and beam me up Scotty!” …Ron Benn

“Hello,I think b-cozz is great! I have found lot of information here” …Cato Dozer Norway

“visiting some of the yank sites but they know only late model stuff really, squat about the early gear, thank you bcozz” … Ivan Minkoff

“Hey everyone, just want to say what a great website, well done.” …Kirill

“b-Cozz comes highly recommended” …tithauler

“man, you are a star always have an answer, thanks to all you guys with sharing info” …Jez

“Bcozz – one of the best” …

“This site was recommended as being the most informative on D’s & U’s” …Gritsucker

“Thank you! What a great site!” …Jórgen

“This site will fill in any gaps and more!” …Roma Dakota

“Thanks for the help – brilliant site by the way” …tonydtox1

“This site has been a lifesaver” …chopperrick

“I’d just like to thank whoever is responsible, cheers” …ogri

“nowadays Bcozz is my forum of choice for some good reasons:
1. It’s truly international. I am often on messenger late at night with russian owners from eastern europe to Austrailia
2. If you ride an old bike then these guys are the experts and are amazingly helpful.
3. unbelievable information available in “the workshop” Hand on heart. My bike wouldn’t run if it wasn’t for Bcozz and the people there” …Madoc

“sites like BCOZZ have been staggeringly useful” … John Nash

“Without a doubt this is the most helpful site I visit” …liamorris

“Keep up the good work, this is a one of a kind, very valuable board and site! I like the flavor here, none of the other boards compare” …flicka, wagnerscycles

“If you are not a member of b-Cozz, you should be! The b-Cozz site has a LOT of info that you can browse at your leisure” …GSPell

“hi mates, good feeling of lifetimes friendships, cheers for the best site ever on the web, warmest regards from Holland” …Enno and Annelies

“I liked the bCozz and used it well, and now I’m here at Multiply!!” …Bjarni

“It is much appreciated there is info here for the Russian Iron enthusiast that is nowhere else! TOP JOB” …chunky020

“I second that chunky020” …Jules

“Very comprehensive site devoted to Soviet bikes. A “must-have” in your bookmarks folder” … Official CURD links

“this site is still the best ever ” …John H.

“I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion.
From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! keep up the good work.” …claudia

“you gave me motivation to continue with my bike, Thanks” …Jerry

“I feel so very happy to see weblog that’s so awesome and chic with sensible content. I’ll pay more attention to your posts anytime and am awaiting your works soon” …xernos

“Thanks again to everyone who has helped me along the way when I ran into some kind of hiccup” …Sean

“Thanks for the good info. Very helpful” …Joe

“I had no idea of the sheer volume of stuff you have, it’s quite impressive” …Charlie Harvin, Good Karma Productions

“man you guys have been busy. Thank you everyone for your help with my parts search. I have learned more about my bike and seen more parts for it now, than the entire time I’ve owned it [14 years]. I have great hope that this bike will come alive after all this time” …izh49

“it got me thinking how much finding and joining this site has changed my life. I would have never thought I would have friends all over the world. This site has given tech information, history lessons, and last and certainly not least, friendships. Thank you everyone.” …David Christenson [South Dakota USA]

“I must thank you especially for posting the k650 mt9 repair manual. It’s been like gold from the sky for me :-)” …Aldo [Italy]

“bCozz is a connection, a connection between the Soviet Union, Russia, Australia and the rest (West), the future and the past, it’s just like life, at least as I have lived it” …Steve W. [Irbit, Russia]

“never logging out of this site” …tracta [AUS]

“without the internet and this site I would be sitting just looking at my bike, not riding it, and would not have met some wonderful like minded and humoured souls” …Heather

“the stream of mails on every topic under the sun. I had no idea there was such a big community. it’s a great site you have” … Anthon0n1

“I really appreciate the knowledge and speed of response on this forum!!!! Thanks for those pictures! Many thanks for the help” …Andrew

“b:cozz is accepted as a premiere English language site by most Soviet motorcycle enthusiasts” …Dnepr M-72 Wikipedia

“Bonjour. Magnifique. Merci encore. Bien cordialement” …C Stéph [FR]

“Just wanted to say that this site is superb. I would be totally lost without this wealth of information and knowledge” …Andyzzz

“a professional translator, it is a must to have some penpals or good aquaintances from foreign countries.
And I’m proud and happy to be a member at bcozz with many good fellows there” … Eugene R. [Russia]

“What other folk on other boards complain of about b-cozz, is actually a major FEATURE!” …Martin [UK]

“I want to congratulate you on the 10th anniversary, you have done a great, great job.
You’ve made it possible for so many people to connect. And to exchange information, advice, experience, sometimes emotion too.
You’ve created a wonderful place here, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Cheers”… Aneta Mrazek, Poland

“Bcozz is pretty much Central Station for all things Soviet and post Soviet… compared to what was available when I first took my M66 apart, it’s another, better, world” … Mike NZ

“I don’t think you realise how many people value bcozz and what you’ve achieved. It’s one of the best resources on Soviet bikes available in English” …Stephen

“The Biggest and Best Russian Motorcycle website in the WORLD!” …Grendel [UK]

“The door is always open with regards to the motorcycles!” [Russian Embassy]

We are getting support from the highest places, even in Moscow!

The vast wealth of experience owners have sent in is invaluable, we have about 1000 years of experience amongst our members.
It makes it all the more worthwhile to keep going with this website, bringing us all together.
Meeting fellow enthusiasts on the internet from all over the world, even better, in person.
The highlight for many is riding to a rally and standing around a bonfire and having a good yarn, even if it is with sign language or just having a beer ~ it’s all too good!

Peace and progress to you all!

“So many seem to enjoy Cossack Power. If funds were needed to re-establish, I reckon there would be ample donations coming forward.
Hell, I’d be happy to pay something for what I get out of it.” …Andrew

“And a great Cheers for JD for having us all here!” …Enno

“Hey! Thank you JD for the super job you done. You and your website kept us all together here.
I do not know how you run such a good web site.
The most informative website for any motorcycle club I ever seen.
All your direct help and knowledge will be missed by us all.

Rudi, I am still here in May  2020. I am still alive, where did I go? I’ll be here to the end, I hope JD..

Even the ones who never responded.
I was looking in here long before I become a member.
This site made my mind up to buy a Ural! Thank you JD.
Your work was a bridge that crossed Australia and the world.
We could not step on it but easily cross it.
And we made friends all the way to Russia and America and England and and and …” …Rudi Blue Dog

Since MSN and Multiply closed and Cat started this 3rd generation of b-cozz

“happy to be here, the old B-Cozz site was dynamite!!!…” Pete in Sweden

“Many thanks to Cat & JD for resurrecting this site. It was always one of my favorites! This was a great site and this new incarnation is getting better everyday. It was a vibrant community and could be again.” … Jim (MotoJ) USA

“Hi folks. Nice to be back.” … Chunk U.K.

“I was very pleased to stumble onto the new site. Thumbs up and whatever praise that can be said.” … Peter in Denmark

“Great site with loads of info – it has been missed!” …Glenn

“I’m back on bcozz, woohoo”… Country

“Glad to find the new site. Glad to meet again the good old Group. A warm “Hi ” to all , especially to JD , Evgeny and all my friends from multiply. And A big thanks to Catweazle and JD and everyone who is cooperating in this”… the Italian Aldo

“Hey Catweazle…top of the class for trying to keep all the gathered information in one place. There was so much on the old sites…too much to lose. You say against your will but somehow we think you enjoy the challenge…and the contacts…and the connections such a website creates. Well done and all the Russian bike owners around the world will be indebted to you. Cheers”… Paul & Kerry

“It has dawned on me how precious a piece of right information can be remembering all questions I had with Vyatkas 150cc Soviet motorollers when I was a teenager, when I was 16 I got two Izh Planeta Sport 350. As holding diploma of tranlator what i valued is that i could do some technical rendering. I hope this site will help in read and practice (repairs) to know and appreciate better what participants here own or ride. Greetings from Ural region, Chelyabinsk, Russia, the 1+million city, to know where a meteorite flew in march 2013″… Eugene

“Great effort mate! well done!”… Grendel

“Nice to have bcozz back again! Nice one Cat!”… Chris Grim

“bCozz is back – уура! Thanks for the efforts! Cheers.”… Roma USA

“Glad the site is back, I really got a lot of info off the old site could spend hours looking. You guys are doing a great job I am sure this site will be top notch. “… Dennis

“What a great site this is, very interesting stuff on here, I have a late model Ural 2013 and I love it, great to be able read about the history of the bikes and how they have changed over the years, great stuff thank you.” – Alan Low

“this is a pretty nice site with a lot of useful and somehow rare information. Thanks a lot for publishing your experience and knowledge. Best regards from Leipzig Germany, Lars” – Lars Grunwald

“I’m very pleased to have found your site, not only is very interesting it has helped me a great deal with my rebulid of my M72. Keep up the good work.” – Richard Smith

“All The Best For Us ~ That’s a Very Long time! I was Just On Google Getting Parts for a Gearbox For a Mate of me and I saw B-Cozz (AGAIN)!” – Enno And Annelies, Holland

Just wish to say your articles are as surprsing. The clearness in your posts is just great and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission let me to grab your feed to keep updated with forthcoming posts. Thanks a million and please carry on the rewarding work.” – Daniela

“And here we are all these years later. I know some of our early members still frequent these pages, and many of us met through this site. The lifelong friendships made, have made this a better better world, for me at least. I’d like to reminisce and thank Country Tom for the roadkill monitor and pc he found on the roadside back in 2002, and to Michael Davies for the free dial modem and free NightRider internet that enabled me to start the site. But most of all, to our dear wizard Catweazle for this current site. We all appreciate your efforts John.Hey Cat, thanks for adding that photo of Trev, hadn’t seen it before. I never envisaged him riding a Honda CX500 (then again why not) but then that’s another level up/down from a water-cooled Ural. Go Trev/ RIP mate” – JD

“Bloody hell! Bcozz is still alive! Just re-discovered the site after a sojourn on planet Ducati. Anybody got a beer for a lonely traveler? So this is where JD got to? (Hi Bill. Glad you have found us (again!) and I’ll buy you a beer anytime! JD) Back on a K750 and Ural coz it’s fun. Nice looking site. It’s a real pity all that stuff on Multiply went down the pan but this looks as though it could be a nice replacement. Nice to see a lot of stuff recovered and added after the Great Crash. Hope you guys are well. SKOL” – Serious Bill Norway

Note to Bill: sorry that it’s taken so long to restore your blog here. It has been missed! But the good news is it’s back up on b-Cozz PS It’s probably also the longest post on this site!

“Congratulations for this fantastic site!!! I found a lot of Information and searched for a long while” – Heiner Jakob Germany

“Thank you, your site is very useful!” – Klkriv

“It is nice to see that you got the site back to usual incredible status.” – Peter, Denmark 2022

“So good to see this site up and running again! ” –  Andrew Zdzylowski

“Thanks for all the information that I have found on your site.”- Gerrit Hamberg Holland.

“Really a great site! Thanks” … Martti Korhonen from Finland

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