Our Team

Our team

  • Administrator/Webmaster         Catweazle aka John     Holland
  • Editor/Researcher                        JD aka Don Black        Australia
  • Researcher/Technical                  Steve Wiggins              Irbit, Russia 
  • Technical Translator                    Zhenya Radchenko    Chelyabinsk, Russia
The real Catweazle

John is a member of UDCN and RMOA, a passionate restorer of several M-72 motorcycles and a keen rally goer.


JD is a foundation/life member of RMOA, honorary member of the COC, Badge #140 of the Senior Motorcycle Section of the Antiko Automobilu Klubbe, Latvia, then once a part of the USSR, presented to him by Mr Juris Ramba himself!

Steve Wiggins

Steve Wiggins has a deep interest in the motorcycles, and has years of first-hand knowledge in the town of Irbit, Russia. He shares his knowledge with us. Thanks Steve.

  • Zhenya Radchenko
  • Zhenya [Evgenij, Eugene] is an internationally accredited technical translator Russian-English and a moto enthusiast, we are blessed to have him along for the ride.

    Our Values

    We recognise the importance of preserving knowledge and history. History is a heavy woven cloth of variegated and complex details, sometimes incomplete, that capture people and their times and place in the past, including  to the present day.

    We collect, research, preserve and share material, culture, past events in history and document it here to better understand the past and the present.

    We respect the dignity of every person, alive or deceased. We treat others with respect through the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

    Using digital communication tools we connect with people in all locations. We promote motorcycle safety as a highest priority. Ride Safe!

    We celebrate camaraderie, the spirit of unity and care for diversity in all it’s many aspects. The administrator and editors of this site cordially greet all their fellow enthusiasts in all the world.

    We sincerely thank all our contributors and supporters.