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Veterans of Irbit’s motorsport. Motor Factory IMZ “Motozavod”

Veterans of Irbit’s motorsport. Motor Factory IMZ “Motozavod”.

Top row from left to right: Valery Rechkalov, Evgeny Smirnov, Alexander Kolesnikov, Alexei Timoshin, Victor Bolshakov, Vladislav Shvetsov, Mikhail Tyulenev, Andrei Zavyalov, Hasan Sitlarov.

Middle row: Evgeny Ustinov, Vladimir Borodin, Vladimir Radchenko, Alexey Mosunov, Vladimir Milyutin, Nikolay Bykov, Sergey Podkorytov, Stepan Zyryanov (VK sports judge).

Bottom row: Mr Alexander Bulanov, Vladimir Barkhatov, Peter Zhumati, Valentin Nezhanov, Peter Sosnovsky.

Photo and text of Andrei Trapeznikov, 2021

Note that Mr Alexander Bulanov was not only a USSR champion, he is Director of Irbit State Museum of Motorcycles, Author of History, and Guinness Book of Records holder. the Ural’s “Keeper”

source: USSR Sportsbikes Andrey Spitsyn

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Grinch or Santa, Santa or Grinch

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Dear Friends,

We wish you and your close ones a very Merry Christmas and safe and Happy Holidays!

We are grateful for all of the stories of adventures you’ve shared with us throughout this past year. The joy of riding and your smiles from around the world is our greatest inspiration!

We hope that keeping Urals roaming the globe helps make it a little more connected, open and lighter.

They say Urals aren’t fast enough. Well, maybe slowing down is a good thing once in a while, to appreciate the journey, to find one’s way and rediscover what really matters.

Here’s to a peaceful, more thoughtful and a kinder world in the new 2024!

From our family to yours!

The Team at Ural
IMWA (USA) Ural-Kazakhstan 2023