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Friday photo

I was scavenging in the archives of the old site and found this. I believe the bike is a Pannónia, a brand of motorcycle manufactured in Hungary. It’s hard to see the bike with all that sidecar and the girl, but it’s a good photo.

source: internet, unknown. Retrieved from the archives.

The parties responsible

Let me introduce you. That’s Catweazle on the left and JD on the right. Cat lives in Holland and JD in Australia. How did these unlikely two get together? One guess… motorcycles. Oh, and the bCozz community. To cut a very long story very short, Cat calls this website “the road to nowhere”, but I have a different memory, of a sheep paddock at a dead-end somewhere on the North-West Slopes and Plains of New South Wales, filled with the music, laughter, bikes and beer of 100+ bikers. Now that is “the road to nowhere”!

My big news is I have a new computer. I’m BACK!!!