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DKW Detective story (Cont.)

This may be of interest to Heiner Jakob, Germany:
Almost a detective story about a racing engine with counter-moving pistons.
One 250cc engine was smuggled back out of the USSR to the West by rider Kurt Kuhnke and installed in a pre-war DKW chassis. Called the Kuhnke Sport 1 (KS-1), this bike was raced in Germany until the 1951 ban on machines with supercharged engines, after which it disappeared for several decades. It was eventually restored in 1991, after which it produced as much as 55 hp at 8500 rpm. Today, the KS-1 is in a museum” (which museum?) Source:
The supercharging unit is visible (from above) and the crankcase of one of the crankshafts. With a transverse engine, the width of the motorcycle turned out to be very impressive. And this is with a working volume of one cylinder of only 125 cm3.
source: USSR sportsbikes

Our 20th anniversary!

I started the first version of this site on 02.02.2002, so on 02.02.2022 it’s our 20th anniversary, thanks to Cat for keeping the site alive, this is version 3.0. This site has bought so many people around the world together and made so many lifelong friendships, even helped the global economy (in a very small way).

It reminds me of the kind words Aneta posted 10 years ago:

“I want to congratulate you on the 10th anniversary, you have done a great, great job. You’ve made it possible for so many people to connect. And to exchange information, advice, experience, sometimes emotion too. You’ve created a wonderful place here, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Cheers”… Aneta Mrazek KOLYASKA Poland.

Some of you have been with us along the entire journey, and we’re still here!

Cheers and proost everyone!