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Historical photo’s

Finnish GP 1968
Agostini MV Agusta (No. 1) and Kiisa S-565 Vostok-4 (No. 11).
It was…. in 1968 when Vostoks were next seen at international races in Finland with a 500cc “S-565″, which in its design resembled a 350cc model, while it had a more sturdy chassis and 3 valves were put into each cylinder (2 intake, 1 exhaust). Kiisa was leading in the race for the whole lap when Giacomo Agostini took over and Kiisa came off track interrupted.

Eyewitness account: “I was at the Finnish GP in 1968, and saw and heard! the Vostok. It made tremendous noise and was fast. If it had been piloted by a top-notch rider, Ago would have been pressed hard”. – pkr2000dk

sources: USSR Sportsbikes, Ants Kikerpuu, bCozz archives

Works of Art (continued)

The performer of Timur in the pre-war Soviet movie “Timur and his team” Shchipachev Lev (Liviy) Stepanovich (1926-2001) became neither a motor racer nore a film actor. After the war, he graduated from the Surikovsky School and became an artist.
But he didn’t forget about motorcycles.
One of his works is dedicated to the winter motocross in Kovrov on Shirinaya Gora.

source: Andrey Spitsyn

Leonid Konstantinovich Samsonov

Leonid Konstantinovich Samsonov.

He is from Moscow. USSR Master of Sports. National champion in SHKGM with sidecars in class 750 cm3, and winner in classes 500 and 350 cm3. Armed forces championship winner and medalist. He also performed in motocross.
As a sidecar driver, he performed in crews with Oleg Chesnokov and Valery Alfeev.

source: USSR Sportsbikes