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Dnepr/Ural “stubby” front fork

Hi Catwesel,

Note, he means B-Cozz community 😉


I have a Dnepr/Ural “stubby” front fork. It’s a nice piece of engineering but I don’t need it–my only Eastern motorcycle is a 1951 BMW-SAG R35/2 (EMW). Is there a classifieds section to your website? The fork is complete except for the upper triple-tree. It looks straight, and the headlight ears are nice. The rubber bump stops aren’t too hard. Is the steering tube supposed to be parallel to the fork legs? It’s not–it leans back a few degrees. I am in Baltimore, Maryland U.S.A.

Thanks, Paul

valve repair

Cossack blown exhaust valve repair guide, Mark Guest AUS


Project, build of a trike.

My friend John from the UK is busy with a Trike project, here a few pics.
He promised to add some text to explain what the heck he’s doin’ 🙂


frame rearview