V P Minogue

V.P. Minogue.

I must mention this man. Anyone who has read the book “The Golden Age of the Fours” or knows anything about Zundapps or Ardies will know his name.

I first met Vin Minogue in the early 1980s, after riding my MT-9 1080km to get there. I did this same trip more than once, Vin became my mentor and life inspiration.

Vin had the most impressive collection of Zundapps I have ever seen. He even let me ride his K-800 4-cylinder around the block, with its beautiful gloss black finish with gold pin-striping. What a beautiful machine!

Vin is now 93 years of age, remarkably doing well and spritely as ever. Recently Paul & Kerry rode their Zundapo KS7590 to Vin’s place to visit him.

Long story short, here is the man that influenced so many lives. A big Hurrah” to VP Minogue.

2 thoughts on “V P Minogue

  1. Peter Brennan

    Hi, I’m now 70 and as a lad I used to visit VP Minogue house is Hugesdale. Garage which fronting the street with his Zundapp’s on display. Reckon it was in the 60’s. I would now like to purchase one. Cheers

  2. Peter Hempenstall

    Vin was a great friend of my dad,George Hempenstall, they knew each other through a common interest in classic motorcycles,Vin kindly allowed me to restore my Velocette venom in his garage,he was a great teacher and was always ready to assist me when things didn’t go right and that situation occurred regularly. I have fond memories of a very clever kind man who was a self taught very accomplished engineer,I have great memories of Vin and my dad always working to achieve a great mechanical outcome with whatever project they were working on,haven’t seen you for years Vin,I’m still messing with old bikes
    In my garage as time keeps rolling on
    Glad to see you’re going ok Vin,kind regards,Peter Hempenstall..


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