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V P Minogue

V.P. Minogue.

I must mention this man. Anyone who has read the book “The Golden Age of the Fours” or knows anything about Zundapps or Ardies will know his name.

I first met Vin Minogue in the early 1980s, after riding my MT-9 1080km to get there. I did this same trip more than once, Vin became my mentor and life inspiration.

Vin had the most impressive collection of Zundapps I have ever seen. He even let me ride his K-800 4-cylinder around the block, with its beautiful gloss black finish with gold pin-striping. What a beautiful machine!

Vin is now 93 years of age, remarkably doing well and spritely as ever. Recently Paul & Kerry rode their Zundapo KS7590 to Vin’s place to visit him.

Long story short, here is the man that influenced so many lives. A big Hurrah” to VP Minogue.