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All what has to do with Dnepr motorcycles


Some help needed, I have a “Dneprglide” gearbox with an fault !
In second gear it looks like it goes faster and slower constantly.
So I shift very quick in third, no problems at all.
Mentioned causes, takes another gear the same time, oval gear, friction with another gear !
How do I find out what the problem is, and more how do I fix it !!

PS another member of the UDCN has the same problem in third !

Dnipro Motorcycles

Dnipro Motorcycles: Yesterday, Today…Tomorrow?


A Dnipro MT (also referred as a Dnepr MT) is a heavy motorcycle produced in Kyiv since the middle of the XX century. During the times of the Soviet Union, those bikes were sold to many countries by the Satra Corporation and were known as the Cossack Motorcycles. Continue reading