Model MT-9, produced in 1971-1974 a total of 189463 were made.

Quite a bit of time passed since the day the prototype MT-8 motorcycle laid the foundation for the Dnepr K-650 family, and at the end it gave way to its successor, the MT-9, on the conveyor of the Kyiv Motor Plant.

The new “Dnepr” got rid of some of the ailments of its predecessor and acquired in addition a number of valuable qualities. This primarily concerns the power unit – the engine and gearbox. Heavy motorcycle riders know how difficult it can be to turn around in a tight spot or pull a loaded machine out of the mud. For the owners of the MT-9, these procedures are greatly facilitated – its gearbox is equipped with a reversing gear. Another novelty – automatic clutch disengagement when shifting gears – is also used for the first time on heavy motorcycles. By the way, the switching mechanism itself has undergone a reconstruction, thanks to which the reliability and clarity of its operation have significantly increased. The inclusion of a neutral gear is indicated by a sensor and a green lamp located in the headlight.

Other changes aimed at increasing the life of the engine include the introduction of valve caps on the valve stems, bronze bushings in the rocker arms, as well as removable steel racks that prevent wear of the mounting hole of the rocker arm axis when its fastening is loosened, and a more advanced pressure reducing valve, which improved the operation of the system lubricants. It has become double: a ball valve is installed inside the plunger, which bypasses excess oil in cases where the flow area opened by the plunger is not enough.

The new K-301B carburetor provides the motorcycle with higher dynamic and performance qualities. In addition, it is more economical, especially at high speeds, and it is easier to adjust it for the synchronism of the cylinders.

A cast crankshaft with thin-walled white metal “automobile” liners has proven itself well on MT-8 engines. After 40 thousand kilometers, the connecting rod journals of the shaft have practically no wear, so it was used on the MT-9 without change. To improve the ride quality of the motorcycle, the stroke of the rear wheel suspension shock absorbers has been increased, and stepwise adjustment of the “stiffness” of the spring in them is provided. It is pressed depending on the load of the vehicle and the nature of the road. Increased to 150 mm ground clearance allows travel on bad roads and rough terrain.

The MT-9 is equipped with turn signal lights. Design and technological improvements have significantly increased the durability of the motorcycle. The warranty period is now 18 months, and the mileage before major repairs is at least 40 thousand kilometers.

We are confident that the owners who comply with all the requirements of the motorcycle maintenance and operation manual will significantly exceed this figure and will be satisfied with the new MT-9.

В. СВЯТНЕНКО, конструктор
V. SVYATNENKO, designer
Kyiv City


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