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KMZ 8.157-025 Concept 2008

One of the last concept motorcycles from the KMZ factory, KMZ 8.157-025 in 2008.
It was given the unofficial name ′′ Kongocycle ′′ after the nickname of the chief architect of Congo, possibly in the hope of exports.
It was given a fuel tank from IZH as a forced measure as by that time KMZ no longer released its own fuel tanks, also the front fork was from IZH Orion, but it all had come too late for KMZ.

For the beautiful life of Soviet collective farmers

photo description: Экспериментальный КМЗ К-750 СХ
То ли кабриолет, то ли ландо. Красивая жизнь советских колхозников.

translates to:
Experimental KMZ K-750 CX
Either a convertible, or a landau for the beautiful life of Soviet collective farmers.

KMZ frame, wheels, stubbie front end, yet the cylinder heads and rocker covers look Ural, though I can’t spot the usual 3 ribs. and it looks like it has twin exhausts on the LHS. Could this be another mystery machine? Prototype (Agricultural?)

*ландо (landau) – a horse-drawn wheeled enclosed carriage with a removable front cover and a back cover that can be raised and lowered. Landau, a German city where such carriages were first made. From Germanic element; land (territory), can also mean a baby pram, stroller, and (by extension) a style of automobile based around the design of landau carriages.

We always try to include as much information as possible.

sources: Мотоциклы Днепр КМЗ К-750 М-72 @dneprmoto, Wickionary (dictionary)

Historical Photos

KMZ K-750 Moto technical assistance and Nikita Khruschev. 1959
The K-750 motorcycle was designed to provide technical assistance to mechanics and collective farms, as well as for foremen of tractor brigades. It differed from serial produced motorcycle models in a special body where equipment and tools are located.

Chrome mudguards

I’m talking 1960s-1970s years. Has anyone else seen chrome guards like these?
I got these from an old Russian guy via a guy who was storing it all for him, who had a stack of parts and a wall of mudguards piled up almost to the roof of his barn.
He gave me a front and rear mudguard for free, coated in Russian preservative, when I got home I was amazed to find they were chromed!
Has anyone else seen these? K-Series Dnepr K-650/MT-9..