The rarest and most important motorcycle KMZ M-53

The rarest and most important motorcycle KMZ M-53.

Today (30/10/2022) I will show you the most mysterious and most significant model of the Kiev motor plant – the 500cc M-53. This motorcycle was developed by a team of KMZ designers under the leadership of M. A. Pozdnyakova in the mid-1950s and demonstrated a sharp deviation from the M-72 concept.
Alas, 500cc M-53 never went into series production, but many solutions of this motorcycle were implemented on M-72N, K-750, K-650 and defined the principled differences between Kiev motorcycles and Irbit motorcycles.
See the video for more details about this specimen. This is the debut of the M-53 in video format, before that we could only see rare photos of this model.

In this video, I’ll show you a real 1956 KMZ M-53 motorcycle from Alexey Popov’s collection. This is not a replica, but one of the few copies of the M-53 that were produced in those years. This is not just another experimental motorcycle. No, the M-53 actually determined the architecture of future KMZ motorcycles for many, many years. It was equipped with a 500cc overhead valve engine with a capacity of 28 hp, had a weight of 190 kg and only slightly surpassed the IZH in this parameter. The maximum speed of the M-53 was declared over 100 km/h, and the fuel consumption was about 4.5 l/100 km. But the KMZ M-53 did not go into series production.

But most of the decisions were subsequently implemented on the K-750, K-650 and even on the Dnieper-10-36.

Here is the bombshell! Very original and very beautiful and very stylish!

See the video!


sources and with great thanks: Alexey Popov, Oleg Omelnytskiy OPPOZIT Мотоциклы Днепр

One thought on “The rarest and most important motorcycle KMZ M-53

  1. JD

    Congratulations to Alexey Popov for this excellent restoration of unique and ultra-rare M-53. I hope it can stand next to his other major work, the M-52, at the Riga Motormuseum Mezciems. They need to be kept in a fireproof vault!

    It is reported that only five (5) prototypes of M-53 were produced, and this may well be the only surviving example. The M-53 set a precedent for future models from KMZ plant, such as: rear swingarm suspension, one-piece automotive type crankshaft and centrifuge oil filtration.

    A fire like the one that destroyed the M-35K supercharged racer must not be allowed to ever happen again. * Article on M-35K supercharged racer, winner of Best in Show and winner of Concourse d Elegance (Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2013). It was destroyed in the devasting fire 🔥 at the Cross Point Top Mountain Museum in Austria on the night of Sunday, 17th January 2021, to Monday, 18th January 2021. This article needs to be restored to this site!


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