Russian 2-stroke

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I found a lot of Information searched for al Long while. Im am Living in Germany and my English is very poor. Nevertheless I hope I can express what I like to tell. Im am in the process of researching the Story of a racing motorcycle developed an built in eastern Germany by former employees of the DKW race Department under top engineer August Prüßing between 1946 an 1948. After finished the work successfully four “GS350” and one “GS250” powered by supercharged opposite Piston engine were brought to Serpuchov includig extra engines, technical drawings an special tools. In Serpuchov several copies were built under the Name “GK1”. An engineer named Iwanitzki developed an modified supercharged opposite Piston engine with the cylinders as a converse “V” and built several racing motorcycles an small racecars with 350ccm. I could find many information, photos, technical drawings etc. an got in contact to People having been involved but it was not possible to find photos and other documents of the russion versions of the DKW racing technologie developed in Serpuchov an Photos showing recing impressions. The supercharged twostrokes also were used in world-record-cars as Zvezda 5 (1955) 0.245l two-cylinder engine, 50 hp at 7200 r/min. Transmission – 3, length – 3.2 m, the curb weight – 360 kg, speed – 200 km/h. Can you tell me a source or a person, site etc. where I can find documents and especially photos of the russian twostrokers.

Many thanks in Advance. Heiner Jakob

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Globe Team in OZ

The Russian Globe Team boys are here again! Now they are walking desert from Nullabor to Uluru

From: left to right: Belkin, Russian TV News here, Sergey Sinelnik, Chris, me, Alexander Sinelnik, and Erbol the Master Blacksmith from Kazakhstan.

a loud horn

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I came accross this need horn, thanks to Mark Guest who sent me regular a link for cool stuff.
Gizmag E-zine now renamed New Atlas (.com)

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Mystery II

Michael from Denmark would like to know more about the frame he has !

hi John,
thanks for helping me. I would really like to know which model it is,first the holes has always there.They have not been weld later on.

Thought a BMW R75 engine would fit inside it,from hole to hole is around 33,5 cm.
Where I have my finger is on the steeringhead,is a very littel stamp,se the photo with my drawing number 1.There is not stamped anything on the frame any place as the normal.The frame at the back is a original R71 frame,just for see how close it looks. Where I have my finger at the rearbrake plate, is stamped the things you see on my drawing number 2. The frame is without the reinforcement at the back suspension


Unavngivet (2)





regards michael

Dnipro Motorcycles

Dnipro Motorcycles: Yesterday, Today…Tomorrow?


A Dnipro MT (also referred as a Dnepr MT) is a heavy motorcycle produced in Kyiv since the middle of the XX century. During the times of the Soviet Union, those bikes were sold to many countries by the Satra Corporation and were known as the Cossack Motorcycles. Continue reading

Dnepr/Ural “stubby” front fork

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I have a Dnepr/Ural “stubby” front fork. It’s a nice piece of engineering but I don’t need it–my only Eastern motorcycle is a 1951 BMW-SAG R35/2 (EMW). Is there a classifieds section to your website? The fork is complete except for the upper triple-tree. It looks straight, and the headlight ears are nice. The rubber bump stops aren’t too hard. Is the steering tube supposed to be parallel to the fork legs? It’s not–it leans back a few degrees. I am in Baltimore, Maryland U.S.A.

Thanks, Paul

valve repair

Cossack blown exhaust valve repair guide, Mark Guest AUS


Project, build of a trike.

My friend John from the UK is busy with a Trike project, here a few pics.
He promised to add some text to explain what the heck he’s doin’ 🙂


frame rearview