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  1. monte mccray

    I have a 1974? dnepr sidecar motorcycle. It has a reverse shift lever on the right hand side below the carb.
    Could you tell me the procedure to use the reverse on this bike?

    1. JD

      Hi monte mccray, thats a Dnepr MT804 gearbox with reverse gear. The reverse hand lever has two positions: withdrawn (reverse gear is disengaged, and the forward gears are engaged) and forward (reverse gear is engaged)

      The reverse gear can only be engaged/disengaged when the gearbox is in the NEUTRAL position and the motorcycle is at a COMPLETE STOP.

      To engage the reverse gear:
      1. Engage NEUTRAL gear between 1st and 2nd gears (the green neutral light should be ON)
      2. Hold in the clutch and engage the reverse hand lever to the engaged position.
      3. Increase engine rpm and let out the clutch.

      DO NOT start the engine if the reverse gear is engaged! Treat the mechanism with respect! DO NOT try to force anything to work. DO NOT operate the reverse lever with your foot, only by hand.

      These gearboxes also have an automatic declutching mechanism (foot clutch) which must also be adjusted and maintained correctly, or the gearbox could go completely out of order.

      Send an email to cossackpower@gmail.com and I will send you the whole manual, If you can, also send some photos of the bike. JD

      1. JD

        Now, back to Edgars Ērmanis, Latvian legend. I’m sending Cat a new article soon. Is there room for another page John? 🙂
        I’d continue it here but there is no option to add another photo (or 10) to a blog reply here.
        Please understand this site is a work in progress and under (re)construction.
        We are doing as much as we can as quickly as we can to restore as much as possible, but the clock is ticking quicker by the second…


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