For the beautiful life of Soviet collective farmers

photo description: Экспериментальный КМЗ К-750 СХ
То ли кабриолет, то ли ландо. Красивая жизнь советских колхозников.

translates to:
Experimental KMZ K-750 CX
Either a convertible, or a landau for the beautiful life of Soviet collective farmers.

KMZ frame, wheels, stubbie front end, yet the cylinder heads and rocker covers look Ural, though I can’t spot the usual 3 ribs. and it looks like it has twin exhausts on the LHS. Could this be another mystery machine? Prototype (Agricultural?)

*ландо (landau) – a horse-drawn wheeled enclosed carriage with a removable front cover and a back cover that can be raised and lowered. Landau, a German city where such carriages were first made. From Germanic element; land (territory), can also mean a baby pram, stroller, and (by extension) a style of automobile based around the design of landau carriages.

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sources: Мотоциклы Днепр КМЗ К-750 М-72 @dneprmoto, Wickionary (dictionary)

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