Disaster has struck ! Lost posts in the blog from Januari till now ! I can’t get them back neither as the host 🙁 Have no idea what happend, have to make a better backup plan to avoid something like this in the future ! I apologize !

One thought on “lost

  1. JD

    That is a disaster! A (incomplete) list of the lost blogs here from late January to August 2022 include:

    ▪︎Historical photos and Information including the Vostok-4 VS Agostini and the 1968 Finnish GP
    ▪︎News from Arbalet Ukraine that spare parts supply continues despite the war in their country
    ▪︎Coverage of the move of production of Ural motorcycles from Irbit Russia to Kazakhstan, including comprehensive Field Notes and video interviews from Iĺya Khait
    ▪︎”Strizh” KMZ roadracing sidecar
    ▪︎Steve W sent a link to a fascinating video about Tula Motorola’s (in Russian but the pics tell a lot)

    I’ll try to find and restore some of this content.


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