Our 20th anniversary!

I started the first version of this site on 02.02.2002, so on 02.02.2022 it’s our 20th anniversary, thanks to Cat for keeping the site alive, this is version 3.0. This site has bought so many people around the world together and made so many lifelong friendships, even helped the global economy (in a very small way).

It reminds me of the kind words Aneta posted 10 years ago:

“I want to congratulate you on the 10th anniversary, you have done a great, great job. You’ve made it possible for so many people to connect. And to exchange information, advice, experience, sometimes emotion too. You’ve created a wonderful place here, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Cheers”… Aneta Mrazek KOLYASKA Poland.

Some of you have been with us along the entire journey, and we’re still here!

Cheers and proost everyone!

4 thoughts on “Our 20th anniversary!

  1. Jan

    Hi All,

    I hope this one can be seen!!
    HAPPY 20th Anniversary. Thanks to JD, Cat, and the committee and of course the members!
    I hope to be here for the next 20 years:)!
    Keep it going!
    Jan ( 357 Red Range Magnum)

    1. Catweazle

      Why through RMOA (whatsapp) I get a bit frustrated that nobody comes in and leave some info or just say hi !! Several questions about the PW but all via e-mail and not by the blog !! Hundred of thousands assholes that try to damage or hack the site ! Are we doin’ all this work for ourselves ??? John


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