Can i have password for the site password protected parts? I’m searching for information about the K750 motorcycles, any information is useful. In my my country, we need to make a technical description, if we want to put this old bike to road again.
Tibor Kovacs

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  1. JD

    Hi Tibor Kovacs! Glad you found us here. Your K750 looks very good! I am sure our dear Cat will send you the password.
    If you don’t hear from him send an email to me and I will send you the password. I can also send you the following 3 manuals:
    K-750M K7-50B MB-750 Drawings PDF file 431 pages, in Russian. 27.8MB
    K-750 Spare Parts Catalogue PDF file, in English. 12.6MB
    K-750 Manual (1961) 281 pages, in Russian. File is DjVu Viewer format. 8.73MB
    (To view DjVu format, you need to download DjVu Viewer in order to open this file!)
    These 3 manuals are not yet back on this site, along with some other Dnepr manuals you may find useful.


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