Project, build of a trike.

My friend John from the UK is busy with a Trike project, here a few pics.
He promised to add some text to explain what the heck he’s doin’ 🙂


frame rearview



4 thoughts on “Project

  1. Catweazle Post author

    Hey John, anything new from the assholes garage ??
    On the phone you told me there’s some progress but I’d like to see something here 🙂

    grtz John

  2. Jan van der WAAL

    Hi John,

    Your project is starting to look good!! What differential did you use, what RHS (Rolled Hollow Section) that’s what square pipe is called in Australia. How square and wall thickness?
    How long, is is galvanized pipe (by the looks of it ) or Aluminium. What method of welding do you use, stick, MIG or TIG? Where did you get the plan?
    I know, probably toooo many questions to answer? Sorry about that.
    Keep going and I would be in the right place looking at the “entrance ” sign.
    Have a nice day,


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