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  1. JD

    Goodonya John. It’s been a bumpy ride and a lot of work, and one hell of a learning curve (for me, ++). If you can get it this far the skies the limit mate. Good work! Excellent!!!!!

  2. Alan Low

    What a great site this is , very interesting stuff on here , I have a late model Ural 2013 and I love it , great to be able read about the history of the bikes and how they have changed over the years , great stuff thank you .

  3. Jan van der WAAL

    Hi Guys,

    Just in time before JD rings for the “counselling ” session::))
    Good work Cat!!

  4. Jan van der WAAL

    Hi Alan,

    Welcome to the site! John aka Catweazle did a good job. A man by the name of JD started the website on the 02-02-2002 and it went from there. Can you tell us where you are from. Only the general area of course!
    My name is Jan and I live in Australia, in NSW in the New England region.
    I used to have a M66 in the Netherlands 1973 and put in a BMW R51/3 engine and later I started to put in a VW 1300cc engine and took it to Australia. Somebody else finished it and got it through rego and now that bike is called the “MIG”!
    Then I had two M63 and restored one and then had to sell the lot because of my back:(
    You will notice that my friends CAT and JD are (in) famous all over the world including Antartica!!
    No kidding! BUT do NOT hold that against them:))
    I also build two frames for Lotus Super 7, but now I have t o “take it easy”!
    Anyway, I hope you have a lot of safe and pleasure riding your Ural.
    Jan van der Waal

    1. Alan Low

      Jan I also live in the Hunter valley, in Kurri Kurri. By any chance did a guy by the name of Phil buy the VW powered Cossack ? I know that he has one or did have as haven’t seen him for a while , he lives in the Wollombi area . Small world eh .

  5. Jan van der WAAL

    Hi Alan

    YES that’s the one!! If you ever come to the Glen Innes area have a cuppa, write to me to my email address
    please! AND try to become a member of the RMOA as well. Have a nice week end

  6. Jan van der WAAL

    Hi All,

    Good addition the Pandora’s box especially the safety page!!
    Safe riding every one.

  7. Jevi

    I linked over from the Cossack Owners Club site. If I remember this site last time around you had loads of technical info and ‘how to’ info. I think you had a tip on how to fit a disc brake to a Ural which involved transplanting Honda forks onto the front of the Ural? I know I’ve been looking for the article for ages but hadn’t realised the site had gone belly up!

  8. Catweazle Post author

    Welcome aboard Jevi, don’t have the article posted, but I will ask JD to organize a search party ๐Ÿ™‚
    Were still in the progress to restore the site, so plz bear with us !

    JD !!!!!

  9. JD

    Looking back in the archives, yes I have them all, and they’re searchable by key words! ๐Ÿ™‚ But they are a massive archive as former members here will know. I typed in “disc brake” and got 1518 links to various articles on the former site. It will take me quite a while (read many years!) to trawl through them, but I found mention of Suzuki GS550 and Yamaha 650 forks with disc brakes having been fitted. This was back in 2004… think it was Andyman who used the Yammie forks, I’ll ask him. Gosh, so much info and so many topics under the sun were on the old site!

    We’ll have to try and restore the more important ones, like: “Engine breathers – which is which?”; “Serious Black’s Chang-Jiang Project”, Roma’s “Project Vostok” and many many more. Unfortunately it’s mega time-consuming as every line and photo have to be ++ done. Bear with us! I for one, won’t give up.


    1. jevi

      Thanks for looking. I thought I’d saved the article but I’ve changed my computer 4x since I first read it.

      1. JD

        I’m still looking around. There’s also a car hydraulic front brake conversion in there somewhere. Give it time, the list is long.

  10. JD

    Hi guys,
    just a short note to say that while there ihasn’t been much new stuff recently on the site work is continuing behind the scenes, old articles from the archives, plus some new ones are in the pipeline. Special thanks to Eugene R. in Russia for his ongoing translations specially for us here. For the moment even posting a photo is a technical issue. Hopefully (much) more soon. Cheers.

  11. JD

    Hi John, nice photo ๐Ÿ™‚ but how on earth did you include it in your post? I only see a comment box that only takes text, there’s no “upload a photo” option. Oh please please our dear wizard Catweazle, I need help, as you well know ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. JD

    “HI JD, posting a photo isnโ€™t an issue at all my friend, just post it !”

    You have to send your photos to Cat (Admin), only he can add photos here.

    If you want to see your photo up here email it to catwesel@gmail.com with a description.

    I’m still plodding thru the archives, 1 photo at a time, millions of them!


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