Russian 2-stroke

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I found a lot of Information searched for al Long while. Im am Living in Germany and my English is very poor. Nevertheless I hope I can express what I like to tell. Im am in the process of researching the Story of a racing motorcycle developed an built in eastern Germany by former employees of the DKW race Department under top engineer August Prüßing between 1946 an 1948. After finished the work successfully four “GS350” and one “GS250” powered by supercharged opposite Piston engine were brought to Serpuchov includig extra engines, technical drawings an special tools. In Serpuchov several copies were built under the Name “GK1”. An engineer named Iwanitzki developed an modified supercharged opposite Piston engine with the cylinders as a converse “V” and built several racing motorcycles an small racecars with 350ccm. I could find many information, photos, technical drawings etc. an got in contact to People having been involved but it was not possible to find photos and other documents of the russion versions of the DKW racing technologie developed in Serpuchov an Photos showing recing impressions. The supercharged twostrokes also were used in world-record-cars as Zvezda 5 (1955) 0.245l two-cylinder engine, 50 hp at 7200 r/min. Transmission – 3, length – 3.2 m, the curb weight – 360 kg, speed – 200 km/h. Can you tell me a source or a person, site etc. where I can find documents and especially photos of the russian twostrokers.

Many thanks in Advance. Heiner Jakob

note, put it here was posted as comment in Hello instead of the blog.
You don’t need to speak/write English Jakob, I speak Dutch :-). Cat

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  1. Marius Gheorghe

    Hello, I’m Marius, and i got an izh 49 with sidecar for few months.
    I would like to know much more about this motorcycle, eventually some technical information, drawings.
    I need to restore this, because it wasn’t start for many years…

    Thank you!

  2. JD

    Very good to hear you Heiner Jakob. We wish a you good return to your health and hope you can share more with us soon. To your health!

  3. Heiner Jakob

    Just for Information: I have to go to hospital on tuesday because of problems with my eyes. Hopefully in July I will be able to read and to write again. So do not be irritated when I do not reply if someone writes a comment.

  4. Heiner Jakob

    Vielen Dank – many thanks! Wie kann ich Bilder oder Texte hochladen? Ich habe technische Zeichnungen von den Kompressor-Zweitaktmotoren aus Serpuchov, dazu einen DDR-Zeitschriftenartikel von 1955, und ich habe in der Oldtimer Markt 1 von 1990 einen Artikel über die Vostok gefunden.


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