Globe Team in OZ

The Russian Globe Team boys are here again! Now they are walking desert from Nullabor to Uluru

From: left to right: Belkin, Russian TV News here, Sergey Sinelnik, Chris, me, Alexander Sinelnik, and Erbol the Master Blacksmith from Kazakhstan.

7 thoughts on “Globe Team in OZ

  1. JD

    Hi Christoher Alexander Sinelnik! Good to hear from you! Small world maybe? Can you see any resemblance in their photo? You might want to write them! click on the Contacts tab for email address. Their English is pretty good these days! Good luck! (Tell them Don in Sydney, Australia sent you!)

  2. Chris Alex

    Hey I am from a family of Sinelnik’s…. we have no known living relatives from when my grandparents left Russia in 1948. My name is Christopher Alexander Sinelnik. Could be a coincidence but we have similar names and I have never met anyone with the same last name. My Grandmother was from Russia and my Grandfather from Ukraine.

  3. JD

    The Russian Sinelnik team is on the move again, this stage the boat Pilgrim after “parking” over the winter in Weener, Germany has sailed to Ostend (Oostende) in Belgium to participate in the huge event “Oostende Voor Anker” which runs from 10-13 May 2018. After that, the rest of the world.
    I was hoping they could meet up with our dear Catweazle as they had sail quite close to his hime, but time or a change of route might have dashed that chance. Next time Cat! Follow them at

  4. JD

    Hi Andrew Z,
    good to have you with us. There is so much more to come here from the old website archives!
    One page at a time 🔍

  5. JD

    Hi Gerrit,
    photos are always good! Send them to Catweazle (in UDCN Holland) so he can post here.

  6. Gerrit Hamberg

    Thanks for all the information that i have found on your site. The good thing is that my m72 what i have for more tham 22 years the framenumber 16953 had and the engine number is 18722.
    I have always thought that mine motor from 1948 was. But when i look at the numbers that i have found on your site. Than i have a motor from 1945.
    If you will have pictures from mine motor than i will send this.
    Cheerse Gerrit Hamberg from Holland


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