a loud horn

Hi guys,

I came accross this need horn, thanks to Mark Guest who sent me regular a link for cool stuff.
Gizmag E-zine now renamed New Atlas (.com)

I don’t have shares or benefits from this site but there might be something worth wild reading for you guys, so I like to share 🙂 it with you !


that’s it folks, for now 😉


3 thoughts on “a loud horn

  1. JD

    Hi Gerrit,
    the numbers chart on M-72 MOTO page here, M-72 engine number 30845 of (probably) 1949 is shown at #9. It seems engine and frame numbers differed greatly (sidecars probably even more).
    Mr Cat our Admin here is Dutch. He should reply to you. 🙂

  2. Gerrit Hamberg

    Hello. I have a question i have a side car from a m72 first type. I found a number on that frame 30804.
    Can you tell me witch year this side car is build. And are the number on the motor and the side car the same or were they different.
    Then i wil know how long are the side cars first type built.
    Sorry for mine writing but i,am Dutch


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