Mystery II

Michael from Denmark would like to know more about the frame he has !

hi John,
thanks for helping me. I would really like to know which model it is,first the holes has always there.They have not been weld later on.

Thought a BMW R75 engine would fit inside it,from hole to hole is around 33,5 cm.
Where I have my finger is on the steeringhead,is a very littel stamp,se the photo with my drawing number 1.There is not stamped anything on the frame any place as the normal.The frame at the back is a original R71 frame,just for see how close it looks. Where I have my finger at the rearbrake plate, is stamped the things you see on my drawing number 2. The frame is without the reinforcement at the back suspension


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regards michael

3 thoughts on “Mystery II

  1. JD

    I keep looking at Michael’s photos for over a year. The black frame with white pinstripe paint, the “very forward” front engine mounts, no frame reinforcements at the rear… the stripped teeth on the rear final drive splines, it once did some hard work?… maybe it was another kitchen designers project. I would like to know more.

  2. JD

    Hi Michael,
    sure looks like an early frame, without the rear gussets. Strange forward engine mounts! I seem to recall something about this. Will look in the archives. IM3 on the rear brake is Irbit works for sure. There have been so many strange things .

  3. Catweazle Post author

    My first thought was a early M72 but the holes for the engine support are on a strange place!
    On the frames I have, there further towards the back, I would say a 10-15 cm ?

    come on guys, reply on this matter !



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