Ardie destroyed

From JD, out of the pile of information remnants from the former b-cozz site. Photo’s from the through fire destroyed Ardie of Vin

Ardie “Meran” RBK 503

1 thought on “Ardie destroyed

  1. JD

    Vin’s beautifully restored Ardie was one of the most beautiful motorcycles I have ever seen. From the beautiful mudguards to the exquisite fuel tank with clock and map holder, to the Robert Bosch manual advance/retard spark “ambassador” to fire the spark plug. You can see it in the top photo just below the exhaust pipe. It was identical to the same unit used on M-72 thru MT-9 but instead of Robert Bosch cast into the unit mine says CCCP.
    A tragic loss when Vin’s place went up in flames, at least he got his dear wife Wilma out.


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