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  1. Adrian Vergison Post author

    Hi JD.–Ados here.
    Yes, winning x2 first places was certainly a surprise for me—-I’ve needed to put up more shelving to put all the awards on–a PIA as they need dusting. I too live in Sydney, in a small 100 YO cottage with an even smaller shed. 5 bikes live with me, x4 old BM’s x3 of which I’ve made up from just parts and the ’38 R51, and just to keep with the German theme, a 1954 Adler 250 in “as-new” condition.
    Yes I too know Vin Minogue, in fact, x3 years ago whilst in Melbourne for the final SGP, my brother–a fellow enthusiast, drove out to visit him and his lovely wife–share a cuppa–look at bikes and generally BS our way around our love of bikes. K800?–yep, I restored one for a friend. you may have seen it at Canberra too. The owner stuffed it with Moly additive WTF?,—but it’s now back on the road and running in nicely. I’ve also rebuilt a 1939 R12–not mine, many pre-1970 BM’s and am currently doing a 1936 BMW R4 single. if interested, I can send you some pix of my “handy work”?
    Where in Sydney are you, and Cat? Cheers unt Prost Ados.

    1. JD Post author

      Hey Ados! You got a reply from Catweazle! Wow!!! 🙂 You can email any info or pics to him at catwesel@gmail.com so he can put them up somewhere, hopefully if you (and he) agree, he can give you a page or two in here. Poor Vin, that terrible fire that destroyed almost everything, all those rare and beautiful bikes… the Ardie RBK… the other Zundapps, Maico 350… sob sob, oh no! Such a tragic loss… At least he and his dear wife Wilma got out with their lives. I’ll send Cat a photo of the Ardie, maybe he can put it up here just so we can look at it, one of the most beautiful bikes I have ever seen. I for one are hoping you will stay in touch with us here, you know too much to lose!
      and Mr Cat, we wait for your next visit to Oz. We’re in Ryde 🙂

  2. JD Post author

    Giday Ados (Adrian)! Cat (our site admin here) is in Holland but i am in Sydney-Oz 🙂 I just did a Google and quickly found you in the VVCMCC. I love your 1938 BMW R51 “SPORTRAD” !!!! Congratulations on Best Pre-War AND Best European! People like you might know people like Barry Bligh and Overlander Equipment . You might even know my mentor Vin Minogue in Melbourne. I got to ride his 4-cyl. K-800 Zundapp once around the block about 35 years ago! (the highlight of my life!). Vin is in his 90’s now but his wit is sharper than ever!
    I hope you can get in touch with Cat! He might add you a page here in Pandora’s Box! 🙂
    Cheers~! JD

  3. Adrian Vergison Post author

    hi–TOP SITE! we share a similar hobby.
    I’ve got some info too—can you send me your email address.
    regards Adrian Vergison. (Sydney–Oz) A.K.A. Ados.

  4. Catweazle Post author

    There was a fault on the site which caused to disappear all the posts from “blog” entry, me to blame!
    Changed it and re-did the posts, not 100% correct (names) but all the text is there again !

  5. JD

    From Viktor Zavyalov КБМТС Customs in Irbit at http://motoirbit.ru/
    “I saw a lot of films about the war, where at least the M 72 motorcycle was designated, but when I saw the memoirs of Arkady Sychev, the commander of motorcyclists, I understood the role of the motorcycle at the end of the war, and why this motorcycle was called the weapon of victory.”


    interview Arkady Sychev


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