Some help needed, I have a “Dneprglide” gearbox with an fault !
In second gear it looks like it goes faster and slower constantly.
So I shift very quick in third, no problems at all.
Mentioned causes, takes another gear the same time, oval gear, friction with another gear !
How do I find out what the problem is, and more how do I fix it !!

PS another member of the UDCN has the same problem in third !

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  1. JD Post author

    Try this… (with some humour 🙂
    Automatic declutching mechanism is set up perfectly!? OK>…..
    1. Warm up the engine. Try and run the gearbox thru its paces, listening to it thru a sounding rod (diagnostics). Hear anything?
    1a. Take out the spark plugs and do a compression test. Might as well as you’re at it 🙂
    2. With the gearbox in NEUTRAL turn over the kickstarter several times, feel/listen for any hardnesses/touching/slowing/friction between parts (eyes closed),. It should all turn smoothly.
    3. Put the bike on the workshop stand or raise the real wheel off the ground.
    4. With the spark plugs removed you should be able to turn the motor/gearbox/final drive smoothly.
    4a. Turning the rear wheel by hand, several times both forwards and backwards (reverse :-), try turning the rear wheel by hand several turns. each time in I. II. III and IV gears selected, again feeling (with eyes closed!) for any frictions in the mechanisms. Take any notes.
    Note: Gearbox MT804 has two (2) neutrals, one between I and II (main neutral), and the second between III and IV (high speed coasting neutral). All should work silky smooth.
    Didn’t call it Dneprglide for nothing!

    re: “moving faster and slower forward” ~ Steve Wiggins says sounds like a slipping clutch…

    1. Catweazle Post author

      With faster and slower I mean exactly what I wrote, moving faster and slower forward.
      Like having an fuel problem 🙂
      Yes JD, I have to open up the gearbox, but I want to know where and what to look for !
      Thanks for your input.

      1. Catweazle Post author

        Thanks for your support Steve but definitely not the clutch ! Only happens in second gear. It’s really the gearbox, I was hoping someone recognized or had the same problem. And did know what it was and how to solve it. but it seems I have to get the gearbox apart and find out what the cause is!

  2. JD Post author

    for “Dneprglide” gearbox MT804, first thing to check is that the automatic declutching mechanism (foot clutch) is adjusted properly as per the owners manual. If it is not adjusted properly all things can happen! (jumping out of gear, even the gearbox can go out of order!).
    You say “In second gear it looks like it goes faster and slower constantly.” How do you mean?
    If you have “friction with another gear” it might pay to open up the gearbox and inspect it thoroughly.
    Hope this helps John. Anyone else got a comment on this plz?


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